August 16, 2005

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After an eventful and exhausting Saturday night in which I never went to bed, I managed to catch my flight back to Florida with no problems. Heading back up to UF on Friday for some meetings related to grad school, and then I start my Masters the week after that. College, how I missed thee

I finally bought a Tivo yesterday, and I'm already wondering how I lived without one. It's so incredibly useful to be able to pause TV, or rewind to catch something I missed. And now I don't have to miss another show I like because I don't happen to be around the TV whenever the corporate bigwigs think I should be. 8 PM on a weekday night is about the least likely time I'll be home just wanting to watch TV. I've also watched more TV in the last day since I got it then I did the entire summer combined. I got the 140 hour model (120 GB harddrive) since Circuit City had it $50 cheaper than any other place for some reason.

If you've got a lot of hard drive space, a guy from Portland has been taping all the shows that he can and putting them on the web for download. It's all legit since he gets their permission beforehand, and it actually goes on for posterity.

And space gets that much closer. I know where my savings from this summer are going toward...

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