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It's Funny. Laugh.

This section of "stuff" has to do with the lighter side of life. There's a couple of links, and a long list of my favorite taglines. Remember, laughing makes you live longer and burns calories!

Humorous Links

Here are some interesting and humorous sites. Everything is G to PG rated so don't worry about clicking the links.

Segfault It's the Onion for techies. Hillarious parodys on technology and great polls to boot. My new favorite comedy site.

The Barking Spider Probably the funniest and most comprehensive of all of these, it has many interesting jokes on it. A must read.

UltraCheese This site has a hillarious spoof on the Star Wars trailers. One of the funniest movies I have ever seen, even funnier than Troops. Warning: The movie is 25 MB.

Various Dances Here's a whole slew of sites that deal with sites like Hamster Dance. These are scary, as in that people would actually make these things.

Bill Gates Net Worth Page Ever wanted to know how much Bill Gates is worth? Well now you know. Also includes many examples of what he could buy with all his wealth and other things compared to his wealth.

The Procrastinator's Aid Has a few pages of assorted silliness. I recommend everyone check out the List's Pages because she has some great ones : )

TechTales A site devoted to the horror stories of tech help people. If any of these story's remind you of yourself, then please, never buy another computer. I know what these tech help guys go through.

The Star Wars Pants Page This is a silly site that replaces famous quotes from Star Wars with the word "pants". Any SW fan should read this.

IE Easter Egg If you are using Internet Explorer 5, then you need to check this out. It shows how to access a secret part of IE and is pretty funny.

AOL Diary This site takes you on a trip with the average AOL user. Do not read if you use AOL, but everyone else must read it : )

Cracked Planet Partly serious, and mostly funny, you have to search through some of the other "boring" sections to get to some real funny sections. There are many of those funny one's though, most of the sarcasm and conspiracy.

Hilarious Signatures

If you want some great one liners, here's the best I've ever read. I got them all from The Barking Spider I just picked out the ones I like the best.

Daddy, why doesn't this magnet pick up this floppy disk?
We are born naked, wet and hungry. Then things get worse.
Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.
I'm not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else
Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math.
I don't suffer from insanity. I enjoy every minute of it.
All generalizations are false, including this one
"90% of all statistics are made up"
"COINCIDENCE" happens.
"It is not the fall that kills you. it's the sudden stop at the end."
"Suicide Hotline...please hold."
I'm sorry, Reality is not in service at this time.
A conscience does not prevent sin. It only prevents you from enjoying it.
As easy as 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716
Any closet is a walk-in closet if you try hard enough.
As I said before, I never repeat myself.
As long as I can remember, I've had amnesia.
Beautify Texas. Put a Yankee on a bus.
Black holes really suck...
Bombs don't kill people, explosions kill people.
Can you repeat the part after "Listen very carefully"?
Cause of crash: Inadvertent contact with the ground.
Constant change is here to stay.
Daddy, what does "Formatting Drive C:" mean?
Death is 99 per cent fatal to laboratory rats.
Don't play stupid with me! I'm better at it.
Downgrade your system for only 89 dollars! Install Windows!
Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.
Food is an important part of a balanced diet.
Friction can be a drag sometimes
Gravity brings me down
Guns don't kill people..., I kill people!
Help stamp out, eliminate and abolish redundancy!
How come there's only one Monopolies Commission?
How many of you believe in telekinesis? Raise MY hand!
I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally.
I had a life once... now I have a computer and a modem.
I tried being reasonable once. I didn't like it.
I'm a nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I'm perfect.
I'm not lost, I'm "locationally challenged."
I've run out of sick leave so I'm calling in dead.
If at first you don't succeed, redefine success.
I've got Parkinson's disease. And he's got mine.
Illiterate? Write for free help.
It is bad luck to be superstitious
It works better if you plug it in.
Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me!
Keyboard Not Found - Press [F1] to Continue
My reality check just bounced
NO! Taco Bell is NOT the Mexican Phone Company!
Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.
Nothing is impossible for anyone impervious to reason
Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
One atom bomb can really ruin your day
Plankton lobbyist: "NUKE THE WHALES!"
SYSTEM ERROR: press F13 to continue...
Smokey the Bear says, "Strip mining prevents forest fires!"
Southern DOS: Y'all reckon? (yep/Nope)
Supernovae are a Blast
The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity
The world is coming to an end. Please log off.
They told me I was gullible ... and I believed them!
Truth is just another misconception
Try? Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try. - Yoda
Volcano -- a mountain with hiccups
What color is a chameleon on a mirror?
When in doubt, think.
Why is "abbreviated" such a long word?
Windows is *NOT* a virus. Viruses *DO* something!
Windows isn't CrippleWare -- it's "Functionally Challenged".
Without Time, everything would happen at once.
Computers are not intelligent. They only think they are.
My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.
Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to continue....