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Welcome to the worst web page on earth. Feel free to laugh at how terrible and stupid it is. I am a begginer so it should be bad. If you have a problem with how horrible my site is e-mail me below. And if you don't, I think you are a little off the deep end:) This site is updated frequently as I am doing stupid stuff with HTML. Check back frequently then( or heck, make it your home page, so the worst site on earth can greet you everyday!) so you can catch the webmaster in action. And remember, I am not responsible for any sucides due to viewing of this site.


Today is the day! This afternoon, prepare for the new site. It will look drastically different than this. I hope yall like it!

Well lookie there at the bottom of the page. What's that you see? That is something XOOM wanted me to put on their site. I didn't have to put since I wanted to say I was a commercialized site, I thought, what the heck! Enjoy the repeated flashings of it for long periods of time.

I added to the links page the sites that helped me learn HTML. If you are interested in making your own web page better than mine(like it's that hard : ) ) or want to get started, I suggest you check out the links.

I have made an experiments index page. All the links at the top of pages will not work. You can reach it here. ONLY 1 MORE DAY! You can see what the site will look like when you go there.

I am creating a Java Scripts experiment page. I am going to learn Java scripts from this really neat website that is responsible for me knowing how to do a lot of the things on my site. You can reach the page by clicking on this word

The links at the top of the pages might be broken. I'm not going to fix them as in 2 days, I'm ditching them. Sorry.

I have combined the sounds page with the animation page to make the MULTIMEDIA page. Check it out here

I am now in the process of preparing The Bad Site Page Version 3. It will be a pretty big change and am hoping to revel it this Saturday, exactly 1 week since the first time I had ever created a web page. There might be some broken links sometimes as I am renaming files to make them easier to remember for me. Prepare to be dazzled on February 13, 1999!


Here are some places that I go on the net


A picture

Click to see some picturesPicture

Look, a moving picture

Click here to view a moving picture. They move sometimes you know.Move it here

My Experiments in HTML

Here is some of my experiments in the HTML language. This is pretty useless unless you are bored. Of course, if you've read this far, you must be pretty bored.Bordom here

The End

I am done torturing you now. But check back often as I will find new ways to define the words, "Ugly Site". Oh, and e-mail me below.

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