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October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I've come back from the dead to make my first post in weeks. It's just been a very very very busy the last months or so, and there's been all sorts of crazy things that have happened like ACL Fest, going to Prague, Brussels, and Paris, being part of a world record with doing the Thriller dance, and of course, continuing to volunteer and campaign for Obama.

Which on Wednesday, after over two years of following this election daily, I finally cast my ballot to vote Barack Obama for president. I remember back in mid-2006 when I first really started looking at Obama, and became incredibly impressed by what he had done and how he viewed the world, and hoping that he would run and even though it was a long shot, maybe even win the nomination.

And now low and behold, in 5 days, if everything holds out, he'll be our next president.

Of course that's in no small part to how awful Sarah Palin is dragging down the Republican ticket as people find out more about her. I find it hilarious that people think she could actually run in 2012. She appeals to no one but the far far right social conservative part of the Republican party, and has no chance of going anywhere outside of Alaska. But since she supports Alaskan succession (and no, that's not a joke), then she's probably OK with that.

Anyways, I'm going to be going all out this weekend with volunteering to try and get Texas at least close, and there's a lot of local races going on that still count. I'll hopefully have photos from Europe up soon, and I have a giant backlog of political links that I might just have to do a mass link update for.

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