I've been coding HTML since February 6, 1999 and this website is just another part an extension of that. The first webpage I ever did was at the now defunct Xoom.com which I made with a WYSIWYG tool. Why Xoom? Because I had already had to register for something else, and the webpage thing caught my eye. Unfortunately I didn't save that very first page I made, and Xoom erased it when they went under. Stupid recession.

I grew tired of that stupid Xoom tool thing, and so I read some Xoom HTML tutorials, which spawned off my first and second hand-coded pages. Now that I thought I had a firm grasp of HTML, I created my first full webpage on Febrary 7th, which I aptly named "The Bad Site Page" since, well, it sucked.

Then came countless design changes and hoster changes. My first major redesign was on Febrary 13, 1999. This consisted of better naviagation and better page naming. Then on March 24, 1999 I switched from Xoom to Riftwar because I was tired of Xoom's ads. See, back in the "good ol days" of the .com bubble there was actually free hosting with no ads. Imagine that. With that move came a new redesign. With the move I also stopped calling my site "The Bad Site Page" though some may argue I really shouldn't have changed it.

But Riftwar was almost constantly down, and so I started searching on and off again for a hoster. I decided that I took web design seriously enough to start paying for it, so after about 4 months of researching, I finally settled on 1wh.com for my hoster. So far I have never regretted paying for a server. With the move came another redesign. I added my old Linux section in October of '99 to show my interest in the alternative OS. My 1,000 visitor came in the middle of November, with yet another design change (now being called The Site of Stuff) on November 26, 1999.

I bought the binaryfusion.net domain name on July 16, 2000. I spent about a week searching for one till I finally decided on binaryfusion.net (rejected names: binarymatrix.net and somethingnothing.com). And yes, this change inspired another redesign which you can see here and also kicked off the blog style of updating. February 24, 2001 saw my 5,000th hit at 6:33 PM Eastern.

On June 18, 2002 I switched from 1WH to Hosting Matters. They simply had a lower price and a whole lot more features. I still dont' regret paying for webhosting, it's well worth the $12 a month.

On June 9, 2006 I changed domain name registrars from the now defunct 1wh.com which used TuCows, to GoDaddy.com. It was a bit of a hassle tracking down the owner of my domain since I had the webhosting company register it for privacy reasons, but in the end it all worked out.

In October 2007, after over 7 years of the same design, I finally decided to do a complete overhaul in order to bring the website up to 2007 web standards. I added a PHP/MySQL driven database for the posts and articles, a PHP/MySQL driven photo database, and added an RSS feed. It was by far the biggest upgrade I'd done to the website and was unveiled online on November 1, 2007

The next change was switching domain registrars to NameCheap.com in January 2012 because GoDaddy supported SOPA. They even had a deal to transfer over so it was well worth the hassle.

Then in February 2013 I changed webhosts for the first time in 11 years to go to APIS Networks based off some recommendations. It's a slightly cheaper, and offered some features like Ruby and Python that I figure will come in handy. So if you see anything that broke during the move, let me know.

In June 2020 Apis Networks changed the server my site was on and updated to PHP7, which broke a bunch of stuff on my website. Which I suppose happens when the last time you touched the code was 13 years ago... Luckily it's pretty straight forward to fix and I still don't see a big need to update the formatting on the website, so looks like it'll be like this for another 13 years!