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October 3, 2014

Today was day one of weekend one of the 2014 ACL Festival! It's one of my favorite times of the year and today featured Beck, Sam Smith, The Bleachers, and Foster the People. They were all great and the weather was spectacular! High of only 86, sunny, and a nice breeze. And with the rest of the weekend looking the same, it'll be the best weekend weather I've ever gotten to experience.

I've always liked music, and I like realizing when I'm listening to a song for the very first time, and it's really really good. I got to experience that a bit tonight when I was browsing through music videos, and looked up what's popular in France these days since I found a LOT of great music, including one of my now favorite artists, only in France. And of course there's a new hit over there called Cosmo by Soprano which is ridiculously catchy. It's you're standard party song about how everyone needs to come dance and not let divisions keep us away, but it's so fun!

Chvrches was also at ACL this year, but for some reason their music just doesn't click with me. They're exactly the type of band I normally like (indie electronic rock) but I don't like anything I've heard from them.

16,000 steps on the Fitbit today!

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