October 2016

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October 14, 2016

First update in months so let's get to the point:

Trump is a terrible fascist racist who openly admits to sexually assaulting women. His entire defense rests on that the women were too ugly to grope. And that 40% of America still supports him is so incredibly depressing.

Watch this instead

You can find an ACL 3-day pass for $75 on Friday if you refuse to pay more and are willing to walk away from the scalpers. This is why for the first time I went both weekends this year.

The Struts are the best live band touring today and my friend who had never even heard of them before was proclaiming within the first 30 seconds of seeing them at ACL that they were the best act of ACL.

Suburban moms get craaaaazy when out in downtown Austin.

The Austin Film Festival started yesterday and I get to finally see my most anticipated movie of all of 2016 tomorrow!

September 2016 -- 2016 -- November 2016