November 13, 2015

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I was really sad to hear about the news about the Paris shootings this afternoon. When I was living there I actually went to go see Gogol Bordello at the Bataclan, almost exactly two years ago too (on 11/19). It was one of my favorite memories from living in Paris, because all the Parisians were so into it and happy and dancing. And to think that over a hundred were slaughtered senselessly tonight while watching a show there... people can be really awful to each other.

I also saw Room today. I'm not sure I've ever seen a movie in my life that elicited so many different emotions over the course of 2 hours. From despair, depression, horror, thriller, sadness, happiness, laughter, hope, and love, it really runs the entire gauntlet which is incredibly impressive for a single movie. I really highly recommend it if you like thought provoking dramas. There's a really good reason it won the audience award at the Toronto Film Festival and will very likely get an Oscar nod this year. The kid is absolutely spectacular too.

If you like your movies a little less intense, then I would recommend Brooklyn instead. I saw it last week during the Austin Film Festival, and it was my favorite film of the festival. A great date movie. Now I just need a date...

I bought a "smart" toothbrush the other day, which means I can sync my toothbrush with my phone. Living in the future is a weird place.

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