November 2001

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November 1, 2001

SOUND IN LINUX WORKS!!!!!!! This made my entire year!!!!! Ever since Mandrake 8.0 came out in late May, it refused to accept my sound card. So I've been pretty much forced to use Windows most of the time since I like to listen to mp3's while I mess around on the comptuer. But late Halloween night I finally figured out how to get sound to work, and so now I'm muy happy! I can finally start using Linux regulary once more, and stop using Windows so much. Oh happy day!

And since I missed Halloween's update, here is a Linux computer built into a jack-o-lantren. Interesting what you can do if you're bored enough.

The great Tunguska mystery may now be solved. The gigantic explosion that occured in 1908 is said to have been caused by a low density asteroid that exploded in the atmostphere over the region. Had that explosion taken place over a populated area, hundreds of thousands might have been killed. So one more of history's mysteries has now been solved thanks to science.

November 2, 2001

What is this? The mp3 page is updated? What? Yes, I actually did something useful today and updated that page. Check it out.

Salon has a great article on the Internet Wayback Machine which archives old websites to preserve a record of the web. It points out the possible copyright violations, as well as how important of a function it serves, as historians will find the early days of the web culture very interesting. Check out the 1996 versions of some of the most popular websites today. Notice the lack of in 1996 56K was just barely out, if was even out by then. just looks plain wierd too, who would have guessed it would become so popular.

This is the stuff of nightmares.

Oh, and I think I erased my C: drive :( Never try to move the folder that you have mounted a Windows partition in, bad things happen. Luckily all my important stuff is on the D: drive, so I'll just have to reinstall windows but I didn't really lose any data. Just goes to show how important it is to backup your data.

November 3, 2001

Yep, what is this? 3 udpates in a row? Well now that I got Linux in working order, it's a lot easier and more convient to update the site. Now if only school work didn't get in the way....

Looks like Microsoft's Passport service isn't as secure as you'd hope it would be. The service which MS wants you to trust enough to put all your credit card and other personal info into, can be cracked by simply opening an email in Hotmail. This is why you don't put all your eggs in one basket, because someday, someone will crack it, and that will open up millions of people's data for the crackers to see. But you have to hand it to Microsoft for trying to control all our data. I wouldn't trust MS, would you?

And with some more MS bashing (hey, it just worked out this way today) Infoworld reports that XP is slower than Win2K. And it's not just slighly slower, it's significantly slower. So much for each version of an OS being faster and more efficient than the last one.

November 4, 2001

There is good news on the DeCSS front, a court in California has reversed its decision about the DMCA violations by distrubuting DeCSS. Looks like free speech might win out after all.

The Electronic Fronteir Foundation has a good article about the USA PATRIOT Act. It discuesses many of the civil liberty concerns that are in it, as well as the possible abuses that could happen.

The linux journal is updated for the first time in 10 months.

Chess is fun! Now if only more girls would play it....

November 5, 2001

The new Starwars teaser trailer was released online today. I unfortuntly can not view it at the moment because I no longer have Windows on my system (the movies are in quicktime format, and Apple is dumb and doesn't release a player for Linux). However this article in has a nice overview, which includes fan reactions to the trailer that they saw when watching Monsters, Inc. The article even includes such classic quotes like "-- Natalie Portman, who stars as Queen Amidala, looked 'hot.'" How a quote like that gets into a major news publication I don't know, but it scares me.

The Gamecube is being released in only 13 more days, but already people are taking apart their Japanese Gamecubes. So now you know what the inside of a console looks like, without voiding your warrenty.

Scientists now think that 4,000 years ago, a meteorite caused the extinction of several promising new cultures in the Middle East. They had wondered for a long time why there was such a sharp decline in the advancement of civilizations during the time around 2,300 BC, and they believe that faint craters found in the region might mean a meteor had exploded in the area. And of course the same exact thing could happen again even today.

November 6, 2001

The Register has an indepth article about the problems with the proposed MS-DOJ settlement. Thank goodness a few states have refused to settle, so this proposed settlement may still be changed.

Remember the stick figure death flash movie? Well now you can play it interactively. The internet is a great and wonderful thing isn't it?

The Linux 2.4.14 kernel is out. Download and compile as willing.

November 7, 2001

If you take a quiz on Microsoft propoganda, you get to download a Halo theme. So test out your Microsoft worshiping skills, and see how successfuly you have been brainwashed by Big Bill.

For those of yall with large files, you can breathe a sigh of relief, as Linux (and as of Oct 6, FreeBSD) now supports files up to 128 Pentabytes. That comes to 144,115,188,075,855,872 bytes. A Petabyte is about a thousand Terabytes, and a Terabyte is about a thousand Gigabytes. That's a lot of bytes. The real question though is kind of file could ever be that large. But I'm sure at somepoint down the road there will something that will have to be that big. Perhaps holographic movies, or digitalized representations of ourselves stored on computers. Now wouldn't that be interesting....

MathWorld is back up after some downtime due to legal strugles. It's like an online mathmatical encyclopedia, otherwise known as a geek's best friend. All kinds of math topics are included in the website, and if you ever wanted to know what Fermat's Last Theorem is, well now you can know.

November 9, 2001

Well I'm off to COMDEX this week, so no updates. For those not in the know, COMDEX is the United State's largest technology trade show, and it showcases the latest and greatest in computer technology. It's held in Las Vegas, so this will be the first time I get to visit that city. I'll be back Thursday, so until then I guess just check out the pages on the links page, and hold on tight.

And because I'll be in Vegas, they've got some Para Para Paradise machines and DDR 5th Mixes, so if I'm lucky I'll get to play those. Not to mention the world's highest rollercoaster. Awww yea!

Viva Las Vegas!

November 17, 2001

Well I got back safe and sound. I'll post further details about my trip to Vegas once I get caught up all on my school work. It's hard to keep up after missing days in college, but I'll get through it.

Update July 2002: Here's that promised Comdex trip report. A little late I know :)

And in other news, the huge University of Florida and Florida State football game rivarly is tonight, and I have tickets. Awww yea! GO GATORS!

November 19, 2001

I cut my middle finger on my razor today while reaching for my comb. Don't try to do that yourself, it hurts and bleeds a lot. It also makes typing hard, but I'm hardcore geek so I'll make the sacrifice :)

Here's some more stuff on terrorism, this time on what exactly, if anything the US has accomplished by defeating the Taliban. Lots of good points. And remember that fuss about the Tailiban looking up how to build nuclear bombs? Turns out they may just have been reading a hoax that has been around on the Internet for decades. So yes, you too can Learn How-To Build an Atomic Bomb

There is now a website to display the uptimes of your computer. Notice the strong concentration of Unix machines in the lead, and notice that yes, it is possible for your computer not to crash for months at a time. But you don't get that with Windows.... It's too bad most people don't know what they're missing.

Nintendo's Gamecube was launched yesterday. I however did not get one because I dont' have the time to really play it. College just keeps me way too busy. However my brother is getting one for Christmas, so I'll have plenty of playing time then. But there still may be some out there, so waht are you waiting for, GO BUY IT!

November 21, 2001

One more day till Turkey Day! I get to cook Mr. Gobble Gobble again this year, so I'm looking forward to it.

It seems as though even NBA players have to be fashion wary, as the NBA has fined several players for their shorts being too long. Apparently they have to be at least 1 inch above the knee. And to think that all across the nation, schools are trying to keep shorts from inching up students legs. What a wacky world.

Time has a list of the best inventions of 2001. Included are such gems as a mashed potato maker and the infamous "Ginger" that if you recall caused a huge media frenzy in early 2001. And still no one knows what it is exactly.

November 27, 2001

Mr. Gobble Gobble Day was fun!

Mozilla .96 was released the other day. It now has nav icons and other various improvements. It's getting better and better with every release.

What's better than a CD player? What's better than a mp3 player? How about a mp3-cd player with FM radio?!?! Yep, that's on my hit list for Christmas, and boy is it spiffy. It plays cd's with mp3's on it, so taht you cna have several hours worth of music on one cd. Isn't technology grand?

November 28, 2001

All of you Excite@Home cable modem subscribers might find your service gone by Friday. Excite@Home went bankrupt, and if they can't renegotiate it's deals with the cable companies that it uses, then it shuts off. So off to the Napster clones you go, before it's too late!

And speaking of music... DDR Max mp3's. Download. Now! (I suggest Fantasy and Bye Bye Baby Balloon as a starters)

Does it get any better? Does it?

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