November 2003

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November 3, 2003

This last week's been really fun. On Sunday we had our floor judged in a dorm decorating contest for Halloween. My floor went all out and spend pretty much the entire weekend getting everything ready. It was a lot of fun, and we found out then on Wednesday that we won first place out of the 8 floor in our dorm, meaning we get free Carabas dinner this coming Wednesday. Hooray for free food! Here's some pictures from it:
The lounge transformed
Our haunted dorm hallway

I then also accidently discovered the really cool effects you can get from a bright object in a dark room with the shutter held open. I played around it it a lot with the lava lamps we had set up on the table, to produce some cool looking shots like these:
It's glowing
My current desktop wallpaper

The Evil Dead trilogy is really really good. The first one is really scary and gory and bloody (aka everything a good horror movie is), the second one is sorta scary but also funny in a cheesy way, and then the third one is just basically a comedy. I highly recommend them though if you like horror films!

Thanks to the internet, you too can know what flowers mean without randomly guessing. Why isn't there a flower that represents manhood?

November 5, 2003

I'm going to go on a rant today, with the headline news of Bush signing the partial-birth aborition ban, a move that I HIGHLY agree with and am happy that it finally was signed into law. Even though I am very strongly pro-life, I can at least understand why some people would not object to an early term abortion. But with partial-birth abortion, there is no way that a sane person can say "Yes, I think it is perfectly ok for an innocent child to be murdered only inches away from being born." Do these people who are against this bill not relieze that partial birth abortion kills the exact same babies that doctors try to save everyday when they come out prematurely? Some also argue that it shouldn't have been passed since there is no allowence for the life of the mother. But there has never been a case where a partial birth abortion has been performed where it has been medically necassary, and there have been abortion doctor's quoted as saying they would use that hole to perform abortion since technically all mother's are at risk when they're pregnant. So this bill would close that kind of loophole.

And on a related note, I really hate how abortion is put as a "woman's right" issue. It's not woman's right issue, it's human's right issue. Women can have all the abortion procedures they want while they're not pregnant, they can feel free do whatever they want with their body. This law is not about their body at all. It's about the innocent child inside of them. That's what these kinds of laws are protecting, and that's why it's not a law against the woman's body, it's a law for the child's body. I also don't like how it's turned into a religion issue, when it's really not one. You don't have to subscribe to a particular religion to believe that human life is sacred.

The ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter ride at the Magic Kingdom is no more. It's been closed to make way for a new Stich attraction. I always liked that ride, it was fun to hear the people scream, as the first time it is pretty freaky.

This weekend is homecoming, so we have a 3 day weekend, and then Tuesday is off to for Veterns day. Sugar Ray is headlining at this years Gator Growl, which if you go to UF, don't ever pre-order your tickets. It just creates far more hassle than it should.

November 11, 2003

I've decided to start a theme week with the AnthonyCam, and have Anthony In Hats Week, lasting from today through Friday. An Anthony in a new hat for a new day, all week long! Today's hat is me acting incredibly goofy and getting excited about the men's basketball season opener that was held tonight. I LOVE UF basketball, and I'm one of those fanatical people who will stand in line for DAYS to get a really good seat for a really good game. You just have to experience it to understand. Anyways, stay tuned for tomorrow when another hat will arrive.

Not happy with your friends? Let the Internet help. Once again it provides the solution to everything!

Not sure how to pick your favorite political canidate? Try using what webserver they're running for their campaign sites. Apache on Linux seems to be the big winner, and I suppose picking who's the next president this way is better than flipping a coin.

The Onion's take on the Iraq war. Typical Onion goodness.

November 14, 2003

Anthony In Hats Week has proven quite popular as I got a lot of good comments from friends and family, so I may do another theme week in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the super cool extra bonus picture!

I went to go see Miss Saigon tonight with a bunch of friends, and was quite impressed with the story and singing. I HIGHLY recommend seeing it if it comes by your town, though one of the advantages of being a college student is super cheap tickets to first class events like this. Only $10 compared to $40 that the general public pays. Reason #343222 why I love college! Here's a picture of the whole group, which I suspiciously look like I was photoshopped in, but I swear I was really there!

I saw Matrix Revolutions twice in the past week, and while I can understand why people wouldn't like it, I thought it was really good. Seeing it the second time really helped too, as it filled in a lot of stuff I missed, and it made a lot more sense and there were so many "Ah-ha!" moments. It's odd that pretty much everyone likes it more than the second one, yet it's gotten worse reviews. I still think the first is the best, but it's a good ending to a great trilogy.

My schedule for this week:
(11/14) Friday: Numerical Exam
(11/18) Tuesday: Huge Microprocessors Lab
(11/19) Wednesday: Microprocessors Exam, Solid State Devices Exam
(11/20) Thursday: Operating Systems Exam
(11/21) Friday: Operating Systems Project Due
(11/24) Monday: Statistics Exam
Yeah..... I'll be happy for Thanksgiving

November 19, 2003

Watch out for the Paypal scam that's going out. I actually got one of these emails about 3 weeks ago (which I almost never get virus emails, so this is pretty rare) and at the time I first reliezed it was weird because it was sent to an email address I'd never given Paypal. So when I looked at the URL it said to go to, I reliezed even though it started with ""... there was an @ symbol in there, so that it was then redirecting me to a completely different website. Which the average user would have no clue about, and it's a really easy way for a cracker to get your credit card number since it looks so legitimate. Anyways, it's definitely something to look out for.

I must have this! I can't sing worth anything, but a karoke game that grades you? How cool is that! It was even Time's #1 game of the year. I am such a nerd :)

I really hate the smell of cigerettes.

November 25, 2003

It's been a crazy week with tons of tests and projects due, but at least it's all over with. I did well in some classes, not so well in others, and I'm just glad to have this past week done with and get ready for my (short) Thanksgiving break. I'm going home tomorrow (Wednesday) and coming back up for the FSU football game on Saturday. Which speaking of FSU football, we'll be playing them in the "real" football on Friday to get into the Final Four of the NCAA soccer tournament. I went to the Sweet Sixteen game this past Saturday, which was one of the best soccer matches I've ever gotten to watch. We played Tennessee, which beat us twice this season, and they're both very evenly matched teams. It was scoreless until there was only 58 seconds left in the game, when we got a penalty kick and scored, thus winning the game 1-0. It was absoultly amazing to watch, and while football gets the most attention at UF, our other sports are amazingly good.

I've also kept busy with lots of shows, gotta love seeing $80 traveling Broadway productions for only $10. I saw Miss Saigon, Cabaret (which was a student production, but very very good), and most recently Rent, which was tonight. All three were incredible, and it makes me wish I could sing and dance like that.

Next time the internet goes down, here's a handy guide of what to do so you don't go insane. And since it's on the web, it's a good idea to have a printout handy next to the computer should disaster strike.

This is why you don't wear blue shirt when taking a picture where they edit out the backgrounds. Freaky eh?

November 29, 2003

Well it's been a fun weekend with a lot of fun things, but I think I'll first start with the most recent event: The HORRENDOUS officiating job of the Florida-FSU football game tonight. For everyone who didn't watch, the refs blew at the very least 4 MAJOR calls, all going against Florida. And it's not just Florida fans being sore losers, everyone including the Associated Press agrees as well. To quote:
The crew made at least three questionable calls on fumbles -- calling players down when they weren't or vise versa -- and absolutely blew at least two more, including giving Seminoles tailback Leon Washington credit for a fumble recovery near the Florida goal line even though Crowder sprinted out of the pile with the ball.
So if it had been officiated correctly, the outcome might have been very very different. Regardless, it was a great game and once again cements the Florida-FSU riverly as one of the best in college sports.

I also took some pictures of the funny FSU stuff around campus that people had (a background on the story of FSU quarterback Chris Rix's parking problems may be useful):
Chris Rix's parking spot
Florida State roadsigns, as well as a FSU championship "ring" partly cut off
What an FSU diploma is *really* worth

And speaking of sports, Friday was a great game against Arizona in men's basketball. It was close all during the game, but the #8 Gators managed to pull off the upset over #3 Wildcats. Unfortunatly I'll be missing the next game as I have some other meetings/events that take priority, but I'm anxiously awaiting the Maryland game on the 10th.

Thanksgiving was good as well. I went home for the first time all semester, so it felt sorta weird. The food was excellent though, in no small part to me making the turkey :) The AnthonyCam I think captures my mad 133t cooking skills pretty well, and I also made sure it was dead via a voltage test. And I got a real authentic Mexican meal since my Mexican grandmother is staying with us for a month, so she cooked us made-from-scratch enchilada's that no resturant can even come close to. Hooray for food!

November 30, 2003

I want to become a multi-million dollar rap star so I can get on national cable TV and wear two pairs of glasses and pink feather things. Can you imagine what would happen if you wore that to the mall? Those silly rich people ran a poll for the 10 best Sun images, and the winners were announced last week. My personal favorite one is this one, which is my background at the moment. There was a time when I wouldn't change backgrounds for a year at a time, and now I've changed my background about 6 times in the last 2 months. Maybe I'm getting fidigity on the computer. My homepage is still Slashdot, same as it's been for probably 4 years now.

I finally saw Sleeping Beauty tonight, as they were playing it on Disney for some reason. I knew the basic plot and I'd seen parts of it just from being around Disney so much, but I'd never seen the whole entire movie. And whilst mentioning good movies, I've heard very good things about Les Triplettes de Belleville, which while it has not real dialogue, is supposed to be one of the best movies of the year because of it's animation and the way the characters convey their actions. As it was recommended by a guy who loves Amelie as much as I do, I think it'll be a safe bet I'll like this one as well. Too bad Gainesville isn't big enough to get much art house movies quickly, but maybe it'll come to the Hippodrome at some point.

I finally completely finished my microprocessor's board, so I took some pictures to show the completed thing. It was a really fun class, and while the labs took a while, it was interesting and I learned a lot. My TA was cool too, though I gotta say my TA for Digital Logic last year wins out if only because I swear he sounds just like Samuel L Jackson. The pictures:
The board almost brand new
Top of the completed board
All my wire-wrapping on the bottom
When I bought it at the start of the semester, the only thing on there was the black microchip in the center in the first picture. Everything else was soldered, wired, and put in by me. We added a keypad and switches for input, LED and LCD for output, threw on some extra memory, some latches, and a serial port. Add a speaker and a Digital-to-Analog converter (which is what the battery is for, it gets power from an adapater plugged into the wall) to make sound, and it's a mini-music player. And for good measure the extra credit is to read the data from an remote, so there's a wireless IR sensor on there as well. I spents dozens of hours over the semester on it, but it's nice that you can actually have something to show at the end for all the hard work that's done. Besides, I heard that "I have a microP board in my room, want to see it?" is a GREAT pick-up line.

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