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December 14, 2006

After 20 and a half years of school, I am finally completely finished with my formal education! I'll graduate from the University of Florida tomorrow with my Master's in Computer Engineering, the accumulation of 5 and a half years of college. And to think I first started this site back in high school, and it's still kicking around. I've had senorities the last few weeks/months/year so I can't wait to never have homework, or study for finals, again. But I will miss sleeping in until noon and really in the end having more free time than I probably will when working. And it's hard saying goodbye to the many many friends I've made over the years and become so close to. But with cheap airfare and couches, no one's ever too far away these days.

Now I'm going to take a month to sort through all the stuff I've accumulated the last 23 years (and hey, that might mean the website is updated more often than just once a month), and decide what to take to Austin, what to leave with my parents, and what to toss out. Then I'm planning a trip to DC and NYC for a week each in late January, and then off to Austin at the start of February to start the next chapter of my life.

Slate has a very interesting article about why women aren't CEO's, and while there has been lots of progress in gender equality, there is still more work to be done. It's kind of like racism: the blatant offensive stuff is pretty much no longer an issue, but it's the latent more subversive stuff that still lingers on and might take yet another generation to eradicate completely.

Don't have enough friends on MySpace? Luckly there's Fake Your Space to help you out. And again humanity reaches new lows.

It's also getting to that time of the year with "Best Of 2006" lists, and here is Time's Pictures of the Year.

It's also only 11 more days till Christmas, but it just doesn't feel like it at all. I've been so busy with school that there is nary a single Christmas thing around my apartment. I'll have to work on that once I get back to my parent's house.

December 26, 2006

Merry Belated Christmas!

We opened presents at 3 in the morning, because really, why not? After getting back from midnight mass, there's no reason not to just go ahead and open presents, because then you can just sleep in Christmas morning instead of waking up at the crack of dawn tired and groggy. I got a Target gift card from my parents to help decorate and furnish my apartment once I get to Austin, along with some tools, candy, clothes, and other miscellaneous stuff.

This will also be my last Christmas in Tampa, because my parents decided to move to Houston last week for job related reasons. So instead of being a 1,000 miles away once I move to Austin, they'll be only about 100. And it looks like I might be able to snag some of their furniture as well, at least once they move it. I may be eating off a cardboard table in the meantime, but it'll be worth it in the end.

So now not only am I trying to clean out my room (7 trash bags and counting...) but now the entire house. I've been selling old CD's and DVD's, and am going to try and craigslist some older furniture, to try and make a little money instead of just throwing it out. And then I'm donating a lot of my old books to the library book sale, so they can make some money off them. I also found $63 worth of change in a plastic bag I'd forgotten about, along with old baby stuff, and things like my 7th grade report card (straight A's). I'll be incredibly busy with packing then until I leave for my 2 week DC/NYC trip on January 17th.

My alarm clock broke a while ago, so I took it apart and found that this alarm clock IC to runs the whole show.

December 31, 2006

So for Christmas I got a USB wireless adapter for my Tivo, and today I finally got the coolest application for the Tivo working, Galleon. I can now stream mp3's wirelessly from my laptop to my Tivo, and play them on the TV. So now I can change songs by hitting buttons on a remote instead of using a mouse, and if I want to hear music in the living room, I don't have to lug my laptop and speakers in there. I can also display any of the photos on my hard drive on the TV, useful for showing stuff to large groups of family members, and it adds a "Save to Computer" option directly from the Tivo. Plus email, weather, traffic, and lots lots more. If you have a Tivo it's well worth trying it out.

Looking for a way to show your true love? How about biting each other's fingers off? I should probably should have waited to post that for the Valentine's Day update, but it's just too good to wait.

We've been discovering all kinds of crazy stuff during the last few days as we've been trying to clean out the house, including this NES "Homework First" lock that my parents felt compelled to buy even though it was never opened. I wonder if they make anything like that for the Wii.

Adios 2006

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