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December 22, 2008

There were things I disagree with Obama on, even during the election. And some of his cabinet picks wouldn't have been my first pick, but overall I think it's been fairly pragmatic. But I'm still in disbelief that he would pick Rick Warren to give the invocation during his swearing in ceremony, after Warren equated gay marriage with incest, pedophilia and polygamy. It's especially insulting after seeing Prop 8 in California fail because of pastor's like him decrying that it'd be the end of the world if two people in love got married. It'd never fly if it were a racist or anti-semite, but anti-gay? It's a-ok!

I think it's morally reprehensible that gay marriage isn't allowed, and one day we'll look back at this time shamefully, the same way we look at inter-racial marriage being banned, or women being treated as nothing but property transfers during marriage. That is the traditional definition of marriage after all, but you don't see these bigots advocating we regress to treating women as property to save the "sanctity" of marriage. I mean gee golly, I know my parents marriage was forever harmed during the 4 months that gays had the right to marry in California, but thank god their marriage was miraculously saved on November 4th when it was repealed. The straight divorce rate instantaneously went back down to 0% afterwords of course, and all marital problems were solved once again, because some ladies marrying in California directly impacted their marriage.

On a related note, I highly recommend going to see the movie Milk, which is about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay politician in the US. He led a fight in the 70's against a proposition that would have fired all gay teachers, AND anyone who supported them. It's pretty sad that the same fear mongering and scare tactics employed back then are still in effect today.

Only 3 more days until Christmas! I'm out in LA visiting my girlfriend's family for Christmas this year, and got introduced to Pinkberry today, which is about as good as everyone says it is.

And Jesus totally would have been for gay marriage, he's all about bringing more love into the world.

December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

A few days late perhaps, but it's better late than never. I spent Christmas this year with Kara's family in LA. Which when one thinks of Southern California, one would imagine warm sun and clear skies. Instead it was colder there than it was in Austin, and rained half the time. But it was still a fun trip, and I got to eat some absolutly amazing cupcakes from Sprinkles, and see some great art at the Ghetty.

If you're not ready for the year to be quite over, you'll get a whole extra second to enjoy it. Make it count!

Here's a list of things you thought were true but actually aren't. Like that bats actually do have eyes, or that Pong was not the first videogame, or that Washington did not have wooden teeth.

One thing that is true though, is that a text message costs more than transmitting data from the Hubble telescope. Texts costs virtually nothing for a phone company to support, but they count on customers not knowing that in order to charge the 20 cents a text that they do. There's a few lawsuits alleging price fixing since there are no cheap texting providers out there. I guess it's just capitalism at it's finest, if people are willing to pay it, then they'll charge it. The movie theater does charge like $4 for 10 cents worth of Coke after all.

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