December 2012

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December 19, 2012

It's been quite a while since the last update and I figure the day before the Mayan apocalypse is probably the best time to do it. Who knows, maybe this is a sign of the first part of it!

I'm pretty sure I broke my old record for not posting, but I had to get one in before the end of the year. Let's see.... what's been going on...
  • Bought a Nexus 7 back in July. It's awesome! Get one!
  • Went to Lollapalooza
  • Went to New Orleans for a week and had a blast
  • Went to Disneyland and went to DCA for the first time which was really fun
  • Obama won re-election, so that's happy
  • Gay marriage was legalized in four more states, so that's really happy!
  • Went to my first LAN party. It'd been a very long time since I'd been around that many hardcore nerds. It was a good experience.
  • Had my first major expensive repair on my car (replacing struts and tires) but not too bad for just short of 100,000 miles

Then yesterday I finally left T-Mobile only to basically go back to them. I went no contract pre-paid with Simple Mobile which is $10 less than the exact same plan on Tmobile. Except that Simple Mobile uses T-Mobile's network, so everything is exactly the same except who I pay money too. And the whole pre-paid thing is like half of what I used to pay under contract. It's nice to finally have unlimited minutes and texting after all these years. Back in August I went over by quite a bit on texts and almost blew all the money I'd saved not having unlimited texts over 2 years, in that one month.

Going up to Missouri in a fancy resort for Christmas with Kara's family. It's supposed to maybe perhaps snow on Christmas Day, so we'll see what happens. It's nowhere close to snowing in Austin this winter. Today's high was 83. In December! Though I don't except a retraction from Jim DeMint anytime soon. But of course lets not let 13,926 studies get in the way of the denial.

It reminds me when Megyn Kelly on Fox News basically giving away their whole reason for being on election night when Karl Rove refused to believe that Obama won, so she asked him if the math was something he "does as a Republican to make himself feel better, or is this real?"

So I probably won't update again until next year, but I really am still around, even if none of my 1 reader(s) are!

November 2012 -- 2012 -- January 2013