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February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

So alright, I might have been kinda sorta a week late this year. But my awesome wonderful girlfriend left 2 days afterwards to New Zealand for 9 months, so updating my website for the 5 random people who read it each day just kind of fell to the bottom of the priority list. And yep, it's the same woman I met almost a year ago while eating gelato in Rome. Since we've started dating she's spent 3 months in Prague, 2 weeks in LA, and just started 9 months in Wellington, New Zealand. But it's totally worth it :)

But enough mushy stuff, on to the normal "nerds are awesome" lovefest!

Finally, scientific proof that men are clueless when it comes to women. Apparently they didn't get the handy dandy flowchart.

It turns out there's an economical reason why good guys are in short supply, that can be explained by game theory. Something to do with bidding and being too choosy. So maybe it's really not your imagination after all.

Of course there's always the easy way out and just settling for Mr. Good Enough. Now that's a depressing thought on Valentine's Day. But thanksfully one person's Good Enough, is another's Amazing. I really liked this article about being "average" to the world, but not to the one you love.
But to the man whose hand or arm she is holding, she is not "average." She is the whole world to him. They may argue occasionally, or even frequently. He may have an eye for the cute intern in his office. But that is superficial. Fundamentally, she is the most valuable thing in his life.
And that is why I firmly believe there is always someone out there for everyone.

But for all you cynics out there, here some Superhero Anti-Romantic Cards to give the people you lo... er well hate. Or just listen to this guy for a while.

Apparently in Japan the women give the chocolate to men. I think I could definitely get behind that.

Some Valentine's Day cards in case the one's at Target just don't fit quite right:
Star Wars Valentine's Cards!
Computer Programming Valentine's Cards!
Science Valentine's Cards!
Tetris Valentine's Cards!
Old School Valentine's Cards!

Here's some more XKCD comics:
Dating as you get older
The curse of over thinking
It's true

Not sure what to get your special someone for Valentine's? Here's a fun list of nerdy gifts. And here's another one for the really, really, nerdy. Or else gift ideas that don't exist yet but really should.

And I'm having trouble trying to think of something more nerdy than declaring your love to someone via perl scripts. Maybe doing All Your Base Are Belong to use in candied hearts?

This is cool, an online Valentine's puzzle creator.

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day, and I just have to say: I love you Kara!

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