February 2019

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February 17, 2019

I figured I have to update at least once a year right?

I just finished Russian Doll, and highly recommend it. Way more The Good Place than Groundhog Day. Pick an evening and start early, it's well worth the 4 hours to binge!

There's a quote I came across recently that I can't stop thinking about, as it sums up my ex marriage so perfectly: " One of the most heartbreaking truths is that feeling love, hearing all the words you’ve ever wanted to hear someone say to you about love, having the most intense sexual chemistry, being able to stay up all night and have long, deep, intense conversations about the things in your heart do not necessarily mean that you can build a happy life with someone. They do not necessarily guarantee that the person who generates all those feelings will be kind to you and treat you as you deserve."

Luckily I have found that with my current girlfriend, and one of the awesome things we've done recently is visit the UT Skyspace, which is amazing! It's been on my to-do list forever but she found the reservations and made it happen. It was sooooo cool!!!

This is a super useful diamond website. Just saying. Totally non sequitur.

We'll see when the next update is. I really do need to write more, it's so fascinating to see what I was into 18 years ago. I'm such an old man now.

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