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April 5, 2006


I still can't believe we did it, and that I was THERE! Five of us Friday around 1 PM from Gainesville, and after getting caught in traffic around Atlanta, and stopping a few times for food, we finally got to Indy at 6 in the morning on Saturday. Then we got in line to try to get good student tickets, which they began handing out at 8:30 Saturday morning. The first 100 or so students got the floor seats that you kept seeing on TV. We were about students 125. Also due to an error on there part, they later found out they handed out the tickets in reverse order, so that the first people who had to go on the upper level got the worst seats. But regardless, it was still amazing to be in the same dome that the Gators won their first national championship. The rest of Saturday was spent walking around downtown Indy, which is a really cool area, and taking a short nap in the car. Then we watched the Gators burst the George Mason cinderella march, and went to spend the night on my roommate's grandparent's farm in Ohio. Went to Cincinnatti then on Sunday for a while and walked around Xavier college. Then back to Indy on Monday to play UCLA. I lost my voice for a little bit from screaming so hard, and it was insane in the stands after the final buzzer sounded. Though nothing quite like what apparently happened in Gainesville, where tens of thousands of people flooded University Ave. Being there were only at most 5000 Gator fans in Indy, and most of them over 40, it was a bit more subdued. Still, what a way to finish my college career at UF. And since Noah, Horford, and Brewer are all going to be back next year, I may need to extend my graduation date another semester to try and watch the repeat. Oh, and of course the obligatory pictures.

And the reason I haven't updated until today is that school is trying to kill me. Three projects in three classes, plus normal TA duties, plus normal homework on top of that. Only two more weeks till classes are over, and at least I don't have finals this semester.

Also this past Saturday I finally made it to prom, and it was far better than it could have ever been in high school. Candice is now teaching at a local high school, and I got to "help" chaperone it with her. Which consisted of testing the chocolate fountain regulary to make sure it was still chocolately. But no crazy drama bombs, no tux to rent, no limo, free tickets, free photos (for faculty), free food, no pressure to make it TEH BEST NIGHT EVAR!, and lots of dancing. Plus she looked quite gorgeous in her dress.

And finally, a website for single guys everywhere: How long it takes for food to go bad, broken up by type. Though in general, if it's got green things growing on it, it's probably bad.

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