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May 9, 2012

I know it's been far too long between updates, but I had to make a post about the fact that for the first time an American president has endorsed same-sex marriage. Everyone knew it was coming, but it's nice to just stop the BS and just come out that giving people in love equal rights to everyone else is the right thing to do, and on the right side of history.

This Onion article pretty much sums out how the future will judge this point in our history, where they'll be just as saddened that gay people couldn't marry as we are that inter-racial people couldn't marry back in the 60's since blacks marrying whites would "destroy the sanctity of marriage". The best part is that you have people like Newt who say this while on their third wife after cheating on his first two.

The fact is that this is an inevitable change. Younger generations like mine realize that two men or two women being in love has absolutely no effect on my marriage. The fact that 7 states now allow gay marriage and it has had ZERO effect on any else should be proof of that. And the fact that we're denying people the same commitment, recognition, and legal rights that I get to enjoy with the love of my life is simply outrageous. I truly don't understand how someone can be against LOVE!

If all the people against gay marriage only got to actually meet and know the people who are trying to get married, I honestly think this would solve 90% of the problem. A friend of ours just got married in New Zealand to a wonderful woman, and there is no way after meeting her that you could say to her face that she doesn't deserve the happiness and joy that marriage can be.

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