June 2011

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June 4, 2011

So no updates for months... when so much has happened! The biggest of which is that I'm a married man now! It's crazy to think I started this website when I was a Junior in high school, and now 11 years later, I'm married to the most amazing and wonderful woman in the world! Life happens while you don't even realize it's happening. And yes, it's to the girl I met in Rome 3 years ago, who I was with through years of trans continental dating, but it just proves that long distance can actually work out in the end, if you really are meant for each other. It's not easy, but it is possible.

The wedding was done on Waimanalo Beach in Hawaii on April 8th. I was in Hawaii for a work conference, and we had already talked about eloping, and so once i found out I was going to Hawaii for work, we figured it was the perfect opportunity. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I'll put up photos shortly. It was really nice though just being us two. And it's nice to know I've met the love of my life and don't have to search anymore :)

My favorite song this summer is LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem. It's so catchy!

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