July 2004

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July 13, 2004

Only one more month until my summer in Huntsville is over. It's been really hectic at work the last few days but I'm still really enjoying it it's hard to believe it's already been 2 months almost. Trully being on my own has been really fun, but I'll still take college over the working world for now. I don't ever want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid!

The NY Times (a sidenote here, but I really miss getting it for free everyday at school) has an interesting article about how the magnetic poles are on the verge of flipping. Meaning your compass will start to point South in a few tens of thousands of years. It's a well known and documented phenomenon, but the last time it happened mankind was just in its infancy. There's going to be some really confused animals out there though.

I got stung by a wasp Saturday on my middle finger making it swell up and string quite a bit. This marks the second time I've ever gotten stung by something, with the last time being when I was eight years old and tried picking a peach with a wasp on top of it. This time I was playing golf and apparently the ball washer on the 7th hole is their exclusive domain and didn't want to share.

Finally... pictures!
Cooking out at out apartment
More DDR action
The fanciest putt-putt course ever
Group picture of interns and a few full time at the rafting place

July 18, 2004

I finally had a chance to work on fixing the Gaim Music Profile script, which updates my AIM profile with whatever song I'm listening to in my mp3 at that particular moment. It worked at one point and then it just seemed to decide to not work anymore, so after reading some updated documentation on the Gaim site I was able to finangle a solution. As before, this only works on Linux/Un*x computers, though even if you run Windows I highly recommend Gaim as a MUCH better alternative than regular AOL produced AIM.

I went to my first arena football game last night to watch the Tennessee Valley Vipers play. They won, and it was pretty cool to watch, even being a minor league team and everything. I forgot my camera though, otherwise I'd have some cool pictures. It was also only $10 for good seats, or at least better than the $11 seats I got when I went to see the Lightening play hockey last year.

I must see Napolean Dynamite. It's just I don't know if it's coming anywhere around Huntsville anytime soon. Why can't the movie companies make movies avaliable to the people who want to see them when they want to see them? I understand they're trying to build up hype and all that jazz by "releasing" it over the course of a month or two in different cities, but it's frustrating as well. Yet another to add to the list to see though.

July 21, 2004

The Internet is now IPv6 supersized! I'm probably going to lose 3/4 of my readers right here since it's a technical thing, but it is a big change to the internet. If done correctly the end user won't notice a difference at all however. Currently the Internet uses IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4) which uses 32 bit IP addresses. The familiar that you might have seen before. Everything connected to the Internet has a unique IP address and as everything (internet enabled washing machines for example) and everyone gets connected, there aren't many free IP address left. So in a few years it'll get really bad and while there are work arounds, it's not an ideal situation. IPv6 on the other hand uses 128 bit addressing, meaning it has 25,000 trillion trillion times the number of IP addresses as IPv6. Meaning there are enough addresses so that every square meter on earth could have over one hundred million unique IP addresses. Needless to say running out of IP's will not be a problem. Everyone will slowly switch over to IPv6 over the course of a decade or two, but the big news is that it's officially supported on the interweb now.

An MIT chem grad won the Miss Massachusetts beauty pagent. So she's not only cute, but speaks 3 languages, plays piano, and was a finalist in the Intel high school science fair competition. It's still not as cool as winning the Sexiest Geek Alive pagent though.

I really am a huge nerd aren't I?

I'm going on a roadtrip to Purdue this weekend with a bunch of the other interns, since quite a few of them are from up there. I've never been to Indiana before, I just hear it gets cold in the winters. I've been warned that it'll be a very interesting weekend indeed.

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