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July 9, 2008

So I kind of cheated and just posted an update that should have gone out about 3 weeks ago, but I never got around to making some final edits.

One way to solve reduce pollution due to electricity consumption? Dance for your power. A club in Holland uses piezoelectric crystals in the dance floor to trap energy caused by the people dancing on top of it. It can't produce enough electricity to power the entire club, but every little bit helps.

Apparently I've been peeling banana's wrong for years and had no idea.

I think I might have found one of my new favorite artists, Daniel Ost. The things he can do with flower arrangements is breath taking.

Speaking of breath taking things, back in June the world's first moving skyscraper was unvieled, scheduled to start construction in Dubai in the Fall. Unfortunately to live in it will cost at least $3 million, but that's totally worth it to have a view that is constantly changing right?

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