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July 17, 2014

Kara's making pies in Seattle this weekend, so I'm left to my own devices. Which basically means a lot of movie watching and Internet surfing (I find it interesting that Internet is capitalized).

As part of that, I watch a lot of music videos. I've mentioned before that one of my kind of weird pet peeves is people who get after MTV for not playing music videos. While yes, they don't play them during prime time, and instead play really really crappy TV shows, they do still play music in the early morning. Which is basically exactly why Tivo was invented. Though now that Youtube exists (it's hard to imagine now a pre-Youtube world where you had to download several hundred MB sized videos from FTP sites...) it's trivial to find music videos for any song in history.

One of my favorite things about music videos is they're allowed to take much more creative license in their cinematography. Being a cinematographer was something I'd always found fascinating since watching Amelie(still my favorite movie of all time) back in 2001. It also makes me wonder how ones life can be so different based on the experiences you have as a child.

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