August 2010

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August 4, 2010

In FABULOUS news, Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that enshrined homophobia, was overturned today by a Federal court. It was a very through ruling which laid out exactly why gay marriage bans violate the due process and equal protection clauses in the Constitution. It's being appealed (of course) but might make it's way all the way to the Supreme Court. It could be our generation's Loving v Virginia which ruled that inter-racial marriages ban were unconstitutional back in 1967. It's kind of amazing when you look back at all of human history and realize all the progress we've made in just the last 100 years in gender, racial, and now sexual equality.

In other optimistic news, New York City Mayor Bloomberg articulated yesterday exactly why it's so important for one of the most important aspects of our country to not get trampled on by bigotry and hate. I swear most of this crazyness could be mollified if those people against this would only actually get to know an actual Muslim. The fear mongering and conspiracy theories surrounding this whole thing are ridiculous, and I feel bad for the guy trying to put it all together.

My new contacts are really hard to get in. I haven't had this much trouble since when I first started wearing contacts. They just don't want to stay in my eye, and pop out when I start blinking. I never used to have this problem, so I'm thinking it's something with the new wear-once disposables that I have. Might have to go back to the old kind I guess.

August 29, 2010

I can't believe I forgot, but the beginning of this month marked 10 years of Yes, really! If you've been reading this from the beginning, you've known me for over 10 years, which is pretty crazy that this site is still up and going. And I went from high school, to college, to career, to engaged, all in that time span. BR>
I don't update near as much as I used to, which is probably why my daily viewership went from about 10 a day to about 1 a day. Which matters a lot because of all the ad revenue I get from this site. Oh wait...

It is amazing how fast time goes by now. I was warned this would happen as a I got older, and it's especially true because there are no longer summer and winter breaks or semester class changes to help mark the time. It all kind of runs together now. So I guess that means the next 10 years will pass by even quicker!

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