September 11, 2001

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The day that no one will forget for a very very long time.

For all the news and links you could ever want, check out this site. It has a huge photo gallery as well as updates about how the news websites are holding up. Earlier in the day just about all the news sites were not responding due to the huge load put on them by people trying to find out information. The New York Times also has a lot of good stuff, including some incredible eye witness accounts.

As for my story, I found out about it at about 9:50. I had woken up at 9:30, checked my email, took a shower, and then loaded up Slashdot, where I see the first headline "World Trade Towers and Pentagon Attacked". I immediately go to, only to find out it's not responding. So I turn on the TV, and see a picture of the World Trade Center on fire. Needless to say I am in total disbelief by this time, and I skip breakfast to continue watching. Then they announce that one of the towers just collapsed, and they have video of the HUGE cloud of dust that rises up. Unfortunatly I had to get off to calculus class, but on the way there I was talking about it, and this one girl said her friend's dad works at the WTC, so she was getting freaked out. We took a short quiz, and then I rushed back to my dorm to stay glued to the TV for pretty much the rest of the day. They cancelled classes at about noon, and there are incredibly long lines to give blood on campus. I'm going to try to give tomorrow, because today there is just too many people. I'm still in the state of shock at the thousands of people who died today and how someone could do this.

It's also interesting to note that the major networks are going on 10 hours without any commercials, and that ESPN, MTV, and VH1 are all showing news instead of their regulary scheduled stuff. Gotta love breaking news stories. I'm a news junkie, so I'm on an adrenline high at the moment. I have also been to the WTC, because that's where there is a subway station that connects New York with New Jersey. So I know from first hand experience just how incredibly tall they are. And once again I am still in disbelief.

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