September 2005

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September 7, 2005

I'm sick and the Internet is down (yet again) so I guess that means time for another update. I think my laptop is slowly dying on me, since the CD/DVD burner no longer works, my ethernet card no longer works in Windows when I plug it straight into the wall of my apartment, though it works in Linux just fine and any other ethernet port, and my wireless router doesn't resolve DNS names anymore so if I use it I have to type in something like instead of And then the internet keeps going down anyways. Crazyness.

It's been over a week since New Orleans got demolished by Hurricane Katrina, and at least now things are looking up for them. Reading the news at the end of last week was just one depressing story after another of people not being able to get help and lawlessness and looting all over the place. Luckily the French Quarter and most of the Garden District was saved. It's also very fortunate that I got to go there for last Spring Break and see everything before it was wiped out. Hopefully it'll go back to it's old glory and be rebuilt.

Robert Moog, the inventor of the synthesizer, passed away last month. The entire genre of 80's pop owes it's unqiue style to his invention, and techno just wouldn't be the same without all the crazy beeps and boops. What an influential guy.

I got assigned to be a Teacher Assistant for the Microprocessors class as part of the requirement for my grad school stipend, and so far that's going well. It's basically sitting around a bunch and answering questions whenever something screws up. Which in MicroP happens quite often. The basic idea is to take this board and turn it into this. I never enjoyed teaching, but it is kinda cool to have "kids" to lord over.

So after 14 years of wearing glasses, I finally got contacts. After getting my glasses broken for the 3rd time in a row of going to Warped Tour, I figured there are just some things you really shouldn't wear glasses too. So once I got back to Tampa I went to the eye doctor (still can't see the big E on the eyechart) and decided to give them a try. So far I have 14 people who like contacts better than glasses, 3 who have no preference (and like the idea of glasses cause they make you look smart, which is why I always liked them on women), and one too freaked out to give an answer. It took a really really long time to get used to taking them in and out (which is the whole reason I never tried them before, I didn't want the hassle), but I'm slowly getting better. It's just weird to get used to being able to touch your eye and realizing you won't go blind.

So I can confirm that girls really DO like guys who can dance. :) Met at the first swing dance club meeting of the semester, and it's been going amazingly well from there.

September 16, 2005

It's been a while since the last update, but getting back in the college groove does that to a person. I created most of an update earlier (see the one below) but never got around to uploading it, so hence why there's nothing new until today.

Wait wait, Bush actually took responsibility for something he screwed up?!??!?! If you saw Thursday's episode of the Daily Show, the head-exploding video clip pretty much sums up my reaction when I heard that Bush actually acted presidential for once. Sure he lives in fantasy land when it comes to Iraq, global warming, the economy, enviroment, and science, but at least he came back to Earth for a little bit to try and raise his horrible approval rating. I'm sad, though not at all suprised, to find out how much cronyism Bush brought along with him, and maybe now he'll realize that putting someone incredibly unqualified in disaster management probably wouldn't make the best FEMA director. I'm sure all the people who died would understand that Bush needed to thank his friends with nice positions instead of putting someone in charge who actually could do something useful. Of course FEMA isn't the only agency that incompetent people Bush nominated are in charge of, just ask the scientists and workers at the EPA or Tresury department, but maybe this will be the start of a new leaf for Bush. But probably not.

Speaking of broken things, here's a whole bunch of them. Everything from computer errors, way-too-complicated products, and mistakes in print.

I'm currently using a 3 blade razor (Mach 3 booyah) and felt a little behind the times when the 4 blade razor came out. But is four enough? No, no no, apparently men need 5 blades to get a truly close shave. All I know is they make a KILLING selling those blades.

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