September 2011

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September 1, 2011

Every once in a while when the Republican's get bored, they like to go with the attack line that the poor and middle class need to pay more taxes, as half of American's don't pay taxes. Except that well, there's some problems with that theory:

1) Everyone pays taxes. Everyone pays sales tax, social security taxes, gas taxes, medicare taxes, phone taxes, state and local taxes, and more. Some people, because they make so little money, don't pay a federal income tax, but to claim they get off tax free is incredibly disingenuous.

2) Considering that the top 50% control over 97.5% of the wealth in the United States, I'm pretty OK with letting the other half off the hook for federal income tax.

3) Finally, as The Daily Show points out, even if the government took a full HALF of the entire bottom 50% of what US citizens make, it would still only bring in the same amount of money as putting the tax rate on the top 2% back to the levels they were back in the '90's.

So this isn't class warfare on the rich because poor and middle class people are jealous of them. It's about the facts and numbers showing that the sheer amount of wealth the top 1% has gained over the past 10 years has been enormous, while everyone else has gotten poorer (in real world terms), and thus the tax burden should be allocated to reflect this reality.

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