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July 12, 2018

My bar for Trump is that if we don't end up in a nuclear war, then we will have successfully survived the Trump years. So far (*knocks on wood*) that's held. But my god it's so embarrassing to be American. The older I get the less I feel like I understand my fellow Americans and how they could vote for a racist serial sexual assaulter-er who tears children away from their families. What the fucking fuck America?!?!

Maybe this is why I'm dating a British woman now? She's amazing, so kind, I love her so much, and I'm really happy to be with her.

She's actually English so the World Cup game yesterday was really heartbreaking. But they did a lot better than they were expected to do so that's good news at least. I've got a few other English friends here in Austin that I watched the game with and it was so sad.

Saw Hearts Beat Loud last night and really enjoyed it. It's not "The Most Amazing Movie Ever" but it was a nice distraction on a Wednesday night.

What is "The Most Amazing Stand-Up Ever" is Nanette which is on Netflix. It's mindblowingly good and I'd recommend it to everyone. I really kind of want to show my parents it, because they just don't understand how their bigoted views are so harmful.

It still amazes me that my parents are so shocked I'm so liberal when they raised me to be kind to people, to not be racist or sexist, to care about the poor and treat people equally. What the hell did they think would happen?!?!

So this is the first update in a year and a half. Will there be more soon? Who knows!

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