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If you are not familiar with the concept of Really Simple Syndication (RSS), it's a web technology that presents a list of links or articles that automatically updates itself. You can then view these continuously updated links in many ways, such as with your web browser or on your personalized Google homepage. This way you just go to one webpage that has a bunch of different RSS "feeds" from different websites on it, and you can see everything new that each website has, without having to go to each individual website. Most ma jor websites now have RSS feeds that you can subscribe to.

By clicking on the the subscribe link above, your RSS feed will be automatically updated whenever I do an update, add new photos, or put up new AnthonyCam image.

I think it's best described by looking at the pictures below. This is what you would see in Firefox when you subscribe to my RSS feed. The "BinaryFusion" part stays the same, but the links below it will update whenever I make a new post or add pictures.

If you have a personal Google homepage, here is what it would look like in that: