81 Corvette

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Taken on: August 8, 2008
Category: Other

Photos of my 1981 Corvette before selling it in August 2008. My Dad bought it back in '81, showed it for 5 years winning Best of Show awards multiple times, before letting it sit in our garage for the next 20 years.

He gave it to me in July 2007, but since I didn't have a garage at my apartment, it was a 2 hour round trip trek if I wanted to drive it. In the end it just wasn't practical at all to keep it, and we decided to go ahead and sell it.

It only has 26,800 miles on the odometer, and still runs and looks great. Surprisingly since it's an 1981 Corvette, it only has 190HP (my TSX has more) and the speedometer only goes up to 85MPH.

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