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June 16, 2020

Time for the once a year update!

I'm married!!! Due to coronavirus we got married in our backyard and broadcast it on Zoom, but it was a really amazing day. I've been dating Jeni almost 3 years and we had a whole huge wedding planned for the end of May which all got pushed out in March due to our friend COVID-19. We're hoping to get to celebrate in person next year, but didn't want to delay the marriage part for another year so decided to elope in the backyard. It was a great ceremony with lots of crying and then did a virtual reception with cake and champagne and an hour long dance party with everyone dancing around in their living rooms with us on Zoom. It was great! And yep, it's too that Englishwoman I mentioned 2 posts and 2 years ago.

It also means I'm officially legally a step-dad to two awesome school aged kids. I never expected to become a parent but life happens sometimes! They're great and so kind, fun, and absolutely hilarious and we all get along incredibly well. It's been awesome!

And I can't do an update without talking about coronavirus and how that's utterly messed up so many people's plans and killed so many. I've been working from home since March and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Thankfully it hasn't really affected me or our family. One of my friends in NYC did catch it though, and while she's better now, she said it was super miserable. I still don't get why people think this is all just going to magically go away, and aren't wearing masks or doing even basic precautions to prevent the spread. It's why I think if something like WWII happened today we'd definitely lose because we can't even focus on something for 3 months, much less 4 years. So if we end up killing millions more people than died in all our wars, it just gets a big ::shrug:: from the general population.

And of course the Black Lives Matter protests have exploded across the country and hopefully this time it'll actually make a real difference. The attacks on peaceful protesters by the police has been horrific and maybe all the cell phone cameras capturing police grossly abusing their power will be the catalyst for change. We'll see.

Also Donald "Just drink the bleach" Trump is still an appallingly awful person. But we still haven't had nuclear Armageddon, yet, so he's still beating the (incredibly low) bar.

February 17, 2019

I figured I have to update at least once a year right?

I just finished Russian Doll, and highly recommend it. Way more The Good Place than Groundhog Day. Pick an evening and start early, it's well worth the 4 hours to binge!

There's a quote I came across recently that I can't stop thinking about, as it sums up my ex marriage so perfectly: " One of the most heartbreaking truths is that feeling love, hearing all the words you’ve ever wanted to hear someone say to you about love, having the most intense sexual chemistry, being able to stay up all night and have long, deep, intense conversations about the things in your heart do not necessarily mean that you can build a happy life with someone. They do not necessarily guarantee that the person who generates all those feelings will be kind to you and treat you as you deserve."

Luckily I have found that with my current girlfriend, and one of the awesome things we've done recently is visit the UT Skyspace, which is amazing! It's been on my to-do list forever but she found the reservations and made it happen. It was sooooo cool!!!

This is a super useful diamond website. Just saying. Totally non sequitur.

We'll see when the next update is. I really do need to write more, it's so fascinating to see what I was into 18 years ago. I'm such an old man now.

July 12, 2018

My bar for Trump is that if we don't end up in a nuclear war, then we will have successfully survived the Trump years. So far (*knocks on wood*) that's held. But my god it's so embarrassing to be American. The older I get the less I feel like I understand my fellow Americans and how they could vote for a racist serial sexual assaulter-er who tears children away from their families. What the fucking fuck America?!?!

Maybe this is why I'm dating a British woman now? She's amazing, so kind, I love her so much, and I'm really happy to be with her.

She's actually English so the World Cup game yesterday was really heartbreaking. But they did a lot better than they were expected to do so that's good news at least. I've got a few other English friends here in Austin that I watched the game with and it was so sad.

Saw Hearts Beat Loud last night and really enjoyed it. It's not "The Most Amazing Movie Ever" but it was a nice distraction on a Wednesday night.

What is "The Most Amazing Stand-Up Ever" is Nanette which is on Netflix. It's mindblowingly good and I'd recommend it to everyone. I really kind of want to show my parents it, because they just don't understand how their bigoted views are so harmful.

It still amazes me that my parents are so shocked I'm so liberal when they raised me to be kind to people, to not be racist or sexist, to care about the poor and treat people equally. What the hell did they think would happen?!?!

So this is the first update in a year and a half. Will there be more soon? Who knows!

November 25, 2016

The Trumpocalypse happened, and the sexually assaulting narcissistic fool is going to be our next president. America is so f**ked.

This is why I couldn't sleep on election night. If you've ever wondered how someone could get into an abusive relationship, well America just elected to get ourselves into a 4 year long one because he just seems like a great guy even if what he's doing and said has red flags all over it.

However since the only consistent policy Trump has is whatever enriches Trump, the one saving grace will that he'll likely get impeached for gross corruption before the 4 years is done. We'll see what happens though. It astounds me that someone who's was fined for IRS fraud in order to get the Florida AG to not sue Trump University, using his "charity" foundation for personal gain, and is paying $25 million after admitting to creating a fake university to scam people (and with a VP who is refusing to turn over emails) was somehow seen as less corrupt than someone who's never been convicted or implicated in anything.

If you want some escapism, go see Arrival and Moonlight. They're both really good!