January 2006

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January 9, 2006

I think the complete lack of updates shows how much I've enjoyed my 3 week break. I've never relaxed so much during a vacation (how I missed the feeling of doing nothing and not having stress), and based on the first day of classes today, it looks like this semester is going to be even more work than the last one. My schedule for Thursday is particulary bad: 10:40AM-12:35PM Class
12:35-3:00 Break
3:00-3:50 Class
3:50-10 PM TA Lab for 6 straight hours
At school until 10PM on a Thursday night. There's just not something right about that. On the brighter side though, in one of my classes I get to learn about the Microarchitecture of a High-Radix Router, Architectural Support for Copy and Tamper Resistant Software, and Exploiting Parallelism and Structure to Accelerate the Siulation of Chip Multiprocessors. And I only have one 1 hour class MWF.

But some highlights from the break:
Saw one of my best friend's from Portland who came down for a cruise
Went ice skating in a real rink for the first time ever
Saw the Barenaked Ladies for free on New Years Eve and saw fireworks
Went to the Outback Bowl in Tampa in really high seats to see the Gators win!
Texas beat USC to win the national championship in a great game
UF's basketball team is now 14-0 and ranked #2 in the nation
And finally I got to spend a week and a half straight with Candice

I'm also attempting to cook more this semester and eat less crap, but we'll see how well that turns out once the semester starts picking up. In the meantime I'm made pizza from scratch, biscuits, a cake, brownies, and a whole chicken ($3 at Publix) in the roaster I got over the break.

In yet another reason why the lottery is a tax on people bad at math, 21% of American's think the lottery is the best way to get rich. Which are the bad at math ones. I guess Florida lottery players did pay for my undergrad education though.

You know you're in Florida when it's the middle of january and there are people everywhere with shorts and tank-tops on.

Stamps cost $.39 now. Just FYI.

January 27, 2006

I'm now addicted to Sudoku thanks to Candice. It's a great way to pass time on the bus at least.

High speed photography is pretty cool.

I could really use one of these keyboards. And by really use, I mean really want just because how cool is a laser keyboard? Very cool.

I really don't like the earbud headphones that come with ipod's, since people on the bus have no concept of how loud everyone else can hear their music. Today I had the pleasure of listening to both Beyonce and some sort of heavy metal band, at the same time. It's supposed to be a *personal* music player! /rant

Through a series of links, I came across this facinating (and very long) article about feminism and how it applies today, as well as the feminism of "choice". Not in the abortion sense, but in how women choose careers and power and family and children. It gets into the view that many women do want to choose to not work and stay at home, but how do they arrive at that choice and men almost never do? Interesting read regardless of your viewpoints of feminism (I'm a big fan personally) and well worth reading the entire thing.

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