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February 12, 2006

Everytime I think the Bush administration hits a new low, all you have to do is wait a few weeks and they manage to amaze me once again with their blatent incompetence and mismanagement. This time it's the news story that a PR specialist appointed by the Bush adminstration to work at NASA decided to declare that the Big Bang was a religious issue and not NASA's place educate the public on scientific theories without letting any crackpot theory get equal attention. I really wonder why scientists across the nation have been complaining Bush has been anti-science the last 5 years... All the fun details are here. The best part is that the post was politicaly appointed to a Bush/Cheny campaign worker, and it "convinently" slipped past that even though it says he graduated from college, he never actually did. It's amazing what sort of strings cronyism can pull in the Republican party isn't it.

How cool would it be to live in a place like this? Shapes just popping out of nowhere, all because of some well placed paint.

Continuing with things I just have to have, how about a $1,300 remote control that quite literally controls just about anything you could possibly imagine. It's never too early for an early Christmas present!

As much as I love my Tivo, it can't quite compare to this monstrosity, a 1 Terrabyte PVR that can record 7 regular and 4 HD channels at the same time. It seems to have quite a problem with overheating though, but the idea is pretty cool. Even with my 140 hour (aka 40 hour of "best quality" capacity) Tivo, I still find myself running out of room sometimes.

February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Who would have ever thought that the year I finally have a girlfriend is the first year I don't have my once annual huge update of emo angst about why girls are stupid for not liking nerdy guys. Well that's not quite true, I still think girls are missing a great oppurtunity by not hanging outside NEB (UF's main Electrical and Computer Engineering building) and trying to talk to guys. Wear a Heartris shirt and you're golden. Is it a coincidence that all the happiest girls I know in a relationships are dating engineers? I think not! Of course dating an engineer does come with some possible pitfalls...

If however you're a believer of SAD, there's online help for you too

One guy has a great idea on how to really invest in a relationship. Instead of buying expensive jewerly or taking exotic trips when trying to court a lady, why not put that money toward a Mutual Fund and watch your money grow while not wasting it on the girls you would break up with anyways. It's no longer money down the drain, it's money that will go toward a future wife. Because what girl wouldn't like that " instead of giving her diamond ear rings you give her a nice, ornate card with a dollar amount listed and a bank statement enclosed". Or maybe this isn't a good idea. I mean I would never do that. Er uh...

I'd also like to note how the price of roses convinently doubled in the last week. Ahhh capitalism, there's a love that never goes stale.

Of course the Republicans are still against love again this year. One day they'll wake up, one day.

So a Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers, and especially to the woman I love, the ever witty, funny, super smart, beautiful and oh so wonderful Candice (yeah, her roommate took that picture, it's pretty nifty).

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