October 2006

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October 15, 2006

Doing the once a month update. I should probably work on improving that.

So the next big phase of my life is about to begin once I graduate in December, and I've finally finalized what I'll be doing. I accepted a position with Freescale Semiconductor in Austin, TX (the company I worked for this summer) and will start work there on February 19th. Part of me is going to really miss college as they really have been (by far) the best 4.. no 5.. no wait, make that 5 and a half years of my life. But having a career and starting the next chapter of my life is really exciting. Plus it's in Austin, one of the coolest cities in the country. I'll be doing a rotational program the first year, meaning I get to pick 4 groups and spend 3 months with each, and then at the end of the year pick my favourite one to work with. That was the biggest reason for going with Freescale. It of course didn't hurt that it was a very generous offer as well.

It's also midterm season, so what better time to update than in the middle of studying for one of my midterms on Monday? Tests are pretty much at the top of things I won't miss about college.

Midnight Madness was last night, probably the biggest one yet to welcome our National Championship team back to practice. Unfortunately our football national championship game hopes were dashed then tonight by losing to Auburn. So it goes. And no, there are no pictures from last night because I completely forgot to bring my camera. I used to be very dependable on that, but I've really slacked off in the last few months. See the lack of consistant cam updates. But I did take this great picture of the UF band from the Alabama game.

So that whole teleporation Star Trek thing? It's slowly but surely making some progress.

Also if you can still stomach McDonald's food, here's a guide to the rare pieces in the Monopoly game going on. I used to love McDonald's when I was a kid, but now I really try to avoid eating there if at all possible. Their fries are still to die for though. Literally, they'll kill you, but they're soo good!

It's also finally getting cold at night in Gainesville. That is one of the biggest things I'll miss about living in Florida, the wonderful winters. Sure I miss snow sometimes. But then I take a long walk in shorts and flip flops and forget about that. Though I do have a thing for girls in sweaters, so Florida's not so good for that. All well, I'll have to roadtrip somewhere now that I have a car and see some real snow. It's been years since I've played in the snow now that I think about it. Wow, really thinking about it, I'm not sure I've seen snow since I left Texas, so it's been almost 8 years. Maybe it'll snow in Gainesville this year. Yeah...

October 16, 2006

I was cleaning my room and noticed the signs I put up in my window were very faded. This of course being the result of too much sun from the same exact sun that people sun bathe in. Maybe it's just me but I never found cancer to be that attractive.

I forgot to mention in the last update how I got Sports Night off Netflix. All the hype I'd heard about the show is true, which is to be expected from a show by Aaron Sorkin, which created my favorite show of all time, The West Wing. Check it out if you can still find it.

I keep getting ridiculous amounts of spam to my email address. Why must people keep buying the stuff they get in spam which just encourages them? WHY!?!?!

I think if ads were consistently this creative people would have less problems with them and they'd be far more effective. I particularly like the yoga one at the bottom.

October 19, 2006

See, I really am updating more often. We'll (as in me and you, the reader who is reading this while reading) see how long this keeps up though.

I bought a plant today, and named him Pedro the Plant. I used to have a plant my senior year of college (wow, I'm old enough to say "back in my senior year of college", scary) named Paco the Plant. He was a good plant, but when I moved out of my apartment I had no room to take him so I gave him to one of my friends and lived there for a year before finally passing away in a yellowish coma. So now I'm ready for another plant in my life, and went with my roommate to a cool nursery and picked out a nice tall green leafy plant. Who needs a dog, fish, or camel as a pet when you can have a big green leafy organism. I can take him on walks and play fetch. He's not too good at fetch yet though, but we'll work on practicing. I probably won't be able to take him home from college either, but once I move to Austin I'm going to buy a few plants to spruce up the decor. I figure it'll be a better pet for me since I often find I'm home very little during the week. I thought about a fish as well, but I don't have much luck with them, or at least I didn't with the goldfish I had when I was 8. Maybe it was because I was 8. But people told me that a fish isn't a real pet, so I figured a plant would be just as good as a non pet pet. Plus you can pet a plant, heck even sleep with it at night if you want. If you tried that with a fish, you'd end up with a very soggy bed (and well face it, a dead fish) which wouldn't be much fun. Though a bunch of dirt in your bed probably wouldn't be so great either.

Speaking of beds (which I really ought to be in one right now, but no no, instead I'm rambling on and on in a sleep deprivation induced state, to produce one of the infamous sleep deprived updates) also once I move to Austin I'm going to buy a new bigger bed, and splurge on the sheets. People spend like a third of their life in bed, so you might as well be really comfortable while you're there. Though most of the time when I sleep my sheets end up all over the place, half off the bed (or completely off the bed) so that's kind of annoying. I've always figured my future wife would have to be a very understanding person with the way I sleep since I'm all over the place. A log I am not.

I haven't decided on what exactly I'm going to be for Halloween. I really miss the whole Free Candy thing (now I just get it from sketchy men in windowless vans) but on the other hand, being an adult is really cool because I can just BUY the candy when I want it instead of having to beg for it once a year and only getting like a few good one's and then a bunch of tootsie rolls and candy corn (which I'd rather have real corn thank you very much rather than that crazy stuff). My best costume was collaboration with my friend Sarah as a nerd who got the hot girl like in the movies. This year I'm heavily leaning towards being a Double Dare (holy crap a geocities site. Now THAT brings back memories. Mostly bad one's though as this one is) contestant, but I'd really need a DD shirt to pull it off and get people to recognize it.

And I almost forgot the biggest news of all, I got in my very first car accident ever Monday evening, because I forgot the most important rule of all when driving: Always assume other drivers will do something stupid. It's saved me countless times, but it just takes once. I figured a car without a turn signal would be going straight at a red light, so I moved to go around him on the right so I could make a right hand turn. This was however when he decided he was going to go right as well and run into my front driver side bumper. Luckily it wasn't very serious and only took off a bit of paint, but it was my nice new shiny perfect car that is now showing some skin, and I want it to be a G rated car. My current plan is to just use some touch up paint for the moment since it's really not that noticeable, and get it fixed properly once I get to Austin and don't have to hoard my money quite so much.

Ok, I think I'm going to go to bed now, since it's late (Mom, this means I'm writing this at 10:30 pm, I swear). Mmmm sleep... I'm a fan.

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