September 2006

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September 25, 2006

So yeah.... I was getting pretty good at regularly updating, but that kind of fell by the wayside the last few weeks. I just got the email saying my webhosting bill was due, so I figure I ought to at least use the webspace I'm paying for. And then I just got done creating a parser for the compiler I'm writing this semester, and finished some homework on virtual machines (ie VMWare) I figure whens a better time to update then late at night when I can't think straight?

I noticed that there are even more stations over at these days. Vocal Trance is still my favourite I think, and it always makes me wonder where all the techno/dance clubs are. You always see them in movies and TV, but every single place I've ever gone is always hippity hop and rap with a smattering of dance thrown in if you're really lucky.

I was bored the other night, and instead of, oh I don't know, updating this, I decided to catch up on the latest and greatest on YouTube. I came across Brokeback to the Future, Me, only 15 years displaced and with a original Nintendo instead of a N64, and a guy who took a picture of himself everday for 6 years. And yes, I realize by doing links to YouTube I may have just jumped the shark as far as this website goes (as if that didn't happen YEARS ago of course), but meh, it's neat stuff

And speaking of cool videos, I have a new DDR hero. Take note, this is how you really play DDR when you're really good.

Only 3 more months until I'm done with college... forever. And the great thing is I have a final the day before graduation, and then I have a project due 3 hours after I walk across the stage in December. The first month has flown by, and it's hard to believe I won't be around next semester. On the other hand, I can't express how happy I'm going to be to not move every few months anymore.

What an awesome shirt.

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