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February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Even though I haven't updated for almost a month, I can't let Valentine's Day go by without the annual Valentine's Day Update. My brother even sent me an email to remind me that despite how busy I am with moving to Austin I had better have a bright pink update, disappointed I didn't have it up by this morning. And since he's 51.2% of my readership, I have to give my audience what they demand!

ThinkGeek as usual has some good stuff for Valentine's, including a 1930's Book Of Love. Because if it was good enough for the 30's, it's good enough for now.

And if that isn't enough help for you, there's always lots lots more on the internet, including How to Impress a Girl, the Best Pickup Line (although personally I'm a big fan of "I wish you were sin squared and I was cosine squared so together we could be one together"), or even ideas on how to throw a Star Wars themed wedding.

And finding that significant other? Who needs Match.com or heaven-help us all, MySpace, to find people when there's Geek2Geek

Which segues into a perennial topic on the VDU, why dating nerdy/geeky guys is the bomb diggity. Even Craigslist agrees. CafePress also has a gigantic selection of Nerd Love stuff, so you know it's not just a fringe radical movement. Actually I might have to pick up a few stickers now that I look at it again. I mean, come on, reading really IS sexy!

Finally, I end with two of the more interesting phrases I've heard this past year in regards to dating:
intellectual arm candy - Dating someone that's smart because it makes you look smart
intellectual homosexuality - Going gay for someone of the same sex not because of physical attractiveness, but because of their brain

And yes, I'm officially in Austin now. Pictures from the trip to DC and NY will be up as soon as I get my desk tomorrow.

February 20, 2007

So yes, I'm finally doing a normal update. It's been a very very very very busy past month, with my trip to the Northeast, packing for Austin, moving to Austin, essentially supplying an entire apartment from scratch, and then of course that whole work thing. Which the first day of my 30 (well ok, probably 40+) year career began yesterday. Of course being the first day nothing terribly exciting happened, but I'm very excited about the next 2 weeks as I find the group for my first rotation. The first year I do 4 13-week rotations in different groups and pick my favorite to then work full-time for at the end of the year. So a way to still figure out just what exactly I want to do.

And no, I still haven't had time to properly put up the DC/NYC pictures. But I do have some pictures of my apartment:
Moving in
The coolest shower curtain EVER
I had no idea there were so many blues in the world
My laptop arrangement before I got a desk
A Gator license plate holder on the front page of the Austin newspaper
Painting! It came out a tad darker than I wanted, but I still like it far more than boring white walls
Putting together my desk
The must have for any bachelor pad - The awesome plasma TV
and a real couch
The desk halfway built

What could possibly be a better gift than sending one's name into space? I'm very very tempted to do it.

The coolest website on New York's subway's on the net. I wish Austin had some real public transit.

Slate has a good article on Machinima, which I've seen around the net for years now, but it has a good amount of different samples from the genre.

February 27, 2007

So after a little over 2 weeks in Austin, I finally have most everything done in regards to furnishing my place. Still missing a table and a DVD rack (cause where else would I put all those DDR games?) but I have a bookshelf and a coffee table (or as the proper adults say, "cocktail table" (say that to yourself in a snobbish voice. Just do it.) (embedded parentheses, this can't be legal English. Can it?)) so I figure that'll do for now since it's just me. And there's some kitchen stuff I still want to get that's a bit nicer than my college Wal-mart cookware, but I figure that can wait a bit too. It's really nice to have a "home" now, that's all mine. And every day I find another reason why I love my location.

The most recent one being that I could walk to go see Barack Obama hold a rally here in Austin this past Friday. Almost 22,000 people showed up to hear him speak, which is mind boggling for being this early in the election cycle. He's long been my favorite candidate by far, since for the first time there's a politician who actually has most of the same positions that I do, and beyond that, actually cares and is willing to learn about the issues. And speaking of issues, I don't get it when commentators go on about how no one knows what Obama stands for. All you have to do is look at his voting record. Of course, no post about this would complete without pictures:
Obama with Austin downtown in the background
Shot of the crowd behind me
AP photo of Obama+cowboy hat

Today I also took a very extended lunch break to stand in line for over 2 hours to get SXSW wristbands. The week long affair is in 2 weeks, with over 1300 bands coming, including Bloc Party, The Apples in Stereo, The Bravery, and one of my favorite bands, The Presidents of the United States of America. Plus always huge surprise acts that are announced a few hours beforehand. The only downside is many of the acts I want to see start at midnight or 1 AM, and there's that whole going to work the next morning thing. Who needs sleep anyways though, right?

And yeah yeah, no pictures of DC/NYC yet. They're coming, I swear!

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