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March 18, 2007

SXSW 2007 is finally over, and I had a blast going to 26 bands over the course of 4 days, not including the dozens upon dozens of bands I heard on street corners, through open windows, and just generally everywhere that a stage could possibly be built. And with over 1600 bands converging on Austin this past week, there was no shortage of stuff to see. I put the list of bands and the better pictures I took on this South by Southwest page to make it easy. I took Friday off to catch up on sleep and see some day shows, and next year I'll probably take a few extra days off and try to see some of the movies as well.

Slate had an interesting article about websites to provide microlending as a charitable cause. It's a really awesome idea that I had first heard about back when the 2006 Nobel Peace prize was awarded to Muhammad Yunus but I didn't realize regular people could help out too.

If you're too much of a rebel to order of a menu and want to go into uncharted territory, the Consumerist has a big guide to the secret menu's at chain restaurants. Such as chili at Chili's and that Starbucks and TGI Friday's will make you absolutely anything you ask for so long as they have it. The rest of the website is pretty cool too.

March 30, 2007

So for the first time since August 2003, I picked up some new glasses. It's what happens when you get out of college and actually have money to buy things like that. At least I didn't wait 7 years like I did the pair before that. This time however there's not quite as dramatic a change, just a little thicker and more rectangular, but once again, black wire frames. I just couldn't quite bring myself to go all the way and nerd out with the black plastic (although I fully support that kind of eyewear on women). It was also the first time I've ever been able to actually see what I looked like in the frames before choosing a pair, since I finally have contacts. Before it was always kind of a guessing game, since I could see myself up close, but not from a distance. I did find a really funky pair that I loved, but they also cost almost $500 just for the frames (or about 4 times as much as mine ended up costing). And speaking of contacts, I also got a new kind that I can sleep in for a week straight, they're amazing! But you don't care about the backstory, you just want to see the pictures:
The obligatory bathroom mirror shot
Taken on a timer from atop a jar of peanut butter in the cabinet
3 generations of Anthony Eyewear (tm)

I also got busy and pretty much finished* decorating my apartment. So here's a couple of pics from my place:
Walking in
From the dining room
*except a dining table

I finally was able to see Happy Feet today since it came out on DVD. All I have to say is: Penguins. Dancing. DANCING PENGUINS! I really liked it, even though as a 23 year old male I'm not quite sure I should, but whatever.

The Best of Youtube? I think this one sums up most of the user generated Internet. The Free Hugs campaign is pretty cool, I actually ran into one of those people last weekend on 6th street. And yep, I got a hug.

The Gators are two games away from repeating as National Champions. GO GATORS!

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