April 2007

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April 25, 2007

Firstly, a belated GO GATORS!!!!!!!!! for the basketball team winning it's second straight national title. And less than 3 months after the football team did it. It's great to be a Florida Gator!

I updated the cam page for the first time in ages, and I still have 2 months worth of pictures to go through on my harddrive, including sorting out all the SXSW pics. I got my ACL Fest tickets last week, so I'm all set up for that. And I get to enjoy living but a 5 minute walk from the front entrance.

Slate (as usual) has an interesting piece on racist spokescharacters, and how a few with not so moral beginnings still preserve on today.

Fark.com got a makeover tonight, which caused me to wonder what the heck happened to my eyes when I loaded the page.

I feel so old now, I'm tired by like midnight. And after being at work all day, I really miss all the copious amounts of free time I had during college. But on the other hand all my friends still in college are busy cramming for finals, so not having to do that anymore is awfully nice.

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