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February 19, 2010

Sorry for no Valentine's Day update, it was a busy weekend having a fun Valentine's with my fiancee and simply ran out of time. We made it a Valentine's weekend basically, with her buying me a heart shaped Mangia pizza on Thursday before we went to the Love Bites sing-a-long, then watching Amelie on Friday with Kara explaining French to me, going to a ballet and eating Smore's downtown on Saturday, and then seeing the movie Valentine's Day (don't bother watching it if it's not on Valentine's Day) and eating crepes for Vday itself. I love my future wife :) And the absolute best part of the day was that exactly one year ago she was leaving for New Zealand for 9 months, and this time she's not.

I've been watching a bunch of Olympics since they started on Friday (GO USA!). The opening ceremonies were cool, especially with Wayne Gretski getting to light the Olympic flame. I'm anxiously awaiting the start of snow boarding half pipe.

When I walked out to my car this morning to drive to work, I was surprised to see that there was a thick layer of frost on my windshield. All I could see was white from the driver's seat. I'm not sure what conspired for this to happen, and not even all the cars had frost on them, but I had to actually scrape it off before I could drive away. And since I live in a non-wintery part of Texas, I of course don't have an ice scrapper. I ended up having to resort to using a Nelly Fuertado CD instead.

Austin's aeroport was just ranked as the #1 airport in North America. It's definitely one of my favorites, except for the lack of free WiFi (which granted isn't free at most airports but I can dream can't I?). It's the only airport I know of where all the restaurants are smaller versions of locally owned businesses, they have live bands play 5 times a week, and free parking for 30 minutes to pick up people. Yet another reason Austin is awesome!

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