April 2002

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April 1, 2002

Happy April Fools Day!

And now April Fools from around the web:
Google explains it's secret to great search results
Ebay is reversed
TheForce.net is now NsyncFanForce.net
Nintendo fan site N-sider now X-sider
All the Slashdot updates for today
Tom's Hardware reports that Nvidia buys AMD
GameFAQs is now GameFax, dedicated to the XBox
Good ol' regular Internet hoaxes

April 2, 2002

Reason #34908934 why I Love College (tm): Updating my website at 3 in the morning and I can still get 8 hours of sleep in before class.

Smile.dk has some of the weirdest, most upbeat, most danceable stuff around. Currently "Kissy kissy" is on constant repeat on my mp3 player, and it's just like audio crack! (Not that I know first hand what crack is like of course). But speaking crack (hmmm, two drug references in a row) EverCrack (read: EverQuest) is being blamed for the death of a 21 year old because he committed suicide after becoming addicted to playing EverQuest. Of course anyone who went to that far of an extreme obviously already had some mental problems to begin with, but they're trying to sue the makers of EverQuest to put warning labels on the game. But then I don't see how it's that much different than TV, since the game itself doesn't cause problems, it's the people who play it and become addicted and spend all their money on it. In related news, I just sold my right arm for some more Dance Dance Revolution money.

I reliezed the other day that I have a 4 month summer vacation now that I'm in college. Why can't we do this in high school? I mean I go to class fewer hours for fewer weeks, and I still feel like I learn twice as much as I did in high school, and it comes with a 4 month summer vacation. College 4 Life!

Maryland beat Indiana for the NCAA championship. I was going for Indiana since they were the underdogs, but all well. Hopefully the Gators will do better next year.

Star Wars is playing this week at the student union. STAR WARS! WOOOOOOO!!!!

It's official, I am a true geek, what many call the 'alpha geek' You are a Geek even among Geeks. Mom would be so proud! I also wonder if women would be attracted to my 'alpha geek' status. Hmmmmm

Yeah, I think maybe that sleep thing would be a good idea. This is what happens when I become sleep deprived from staying up too late and NO ONE IS ON AIM TO TALK/RAMBLE ON TO! No, I'm not high or crazy or insane, I'm just me. I'll look back on this tomorrow morning and even I will wonder what I was on.

April 3, 2002

Apparently a lot of people liked my dru....er uh sleep deprevation induced update last night. Admazing what you can do when you aren't thinking straight isn't it? Anywho, perhaps I should only start updating the site right before I go to bed, which being the night owl I am, is 2-4 in the morning (ie when old people (hi mom!) are waking up). Plus staying up has it's disadvantages. I eat supper at like 6 or 7 or so's, and then that means I become a starving maniac at around midnight or 1. And there just isn't much to eat in my dorm since I have no fridge. Luckly goldfish crackers are "The one snack it's ok to get hooked on!" (it's on the box, it must be true!) and peanut butter crackers are tasty. But if any of my UF friends reads this, and ever gets the munchies around midnight or so and wants a pizza, give me a call cause I WILL be hungry. I'm always hungry for pizza anyways :)

Being one of the world's first cyborg's can be really tough on a person, especially when they're trying to get on a plane. University of Toronto professor Steve Mann has electrodes attached to his body, constantly wears special glasses that have a computer display in them, and has other wires all over his body in a research experiment on wearable computers. He's written two books about it, and has a discription of what he's done on his website
He sees the world as images imprinted onto his retina by rays of laser light. This allows him to transmit his viewpoint live to the Internet, block out billboards and other unwanted visual stimuli, and turn his world into a series of hyperlinks. Constantly connected to the WearComp system, Mann has all the capabilities of a standard office at his disposal, even as he utilizes shrinking technologies to turn himself into a portable movie studio. The first person to live in total constant intimate contact with the computer, Steve Mann exists at once in the real and virtual worlds, living an entirely videographic existence, seeing everything around him, including himself, through a wearable computer. Over the past twenty years, Steve Mann has been his own human guinea pig, testing his various wearable computer prototypes on himself.
Is that cool or what? Someday all (or most) humans have computers inside us, but it starts with guys like him wearing it outside of his body. But due to unusually stringent airport security, they wouldn't let him get on a plane until he was strip searched and had his very senstive equipment ruined by scanning it with X-Rays. Airport security made me give up my pair of scissors in my backpack that I always have with me, but disconnecting wires attached to your body? For shame!

A little late but still good, ThinkGeek has some products only avaliable on April 1st. My personal fav is Duke Nukem Forever, the game that has finally come out now that previously "will come out really soon now" for the past 4 years (or at least it seems like it).

Walking in the rain is great fun. The pitter patter of the raindrops on your umbrella, and the clean smell it brings. Awwwwwww

Ok, moment over.

Heheheh, Microsoft is at it again. First the put up a website about how Windows is superior to Unix, and the computer they serve the webpages from is running FreeBSD (A Unix operating system)! Then they quickly switch it over to Windows 2000 when people relieze Microsoft isn't running a Microsoft operating system, and ever since then the website's been down. Microsoft: Where do you want to crash today?

And in the tradition of the geek test, there is now the nerd test. I am 42% nerd, which I find far too inadequete. I must work on my nerdity. Or if 100 question's isn't enough, go for the 500 question version. It pegged me as 43% nerd. And yes, as one of the questions asked, I have joined a chess/math/trivia team in order to meet girls. Nerds are just too sexy! And while doing these tests, I found a website with math tshirts. Awwwwwww yea!

And that's that for tonight's sleep deprived bout of fun. Gosh these updates are getting long now. Not sure how much longer I can keep this up. But strive on I shall, for all the little (and tall) people out there!

April 5, 2002

Sorry about the lack of a sleep deprevation induced update last night. I tried, I really did, but I overshot the sleep deprived feeling and just went straight to the sleep feeling. So I turned in early (2 AM is early right?) and slept almost 12 hours. Yes, not having class till 4 does pay off. HOWEVER, I am in a alcohol-like induced state at the moment (though I don't drink alcohol), which is remarkably simliar to sleep-deprevation state. Yes, I think my brain just produces it naturally or something. I really am that amazing. But in some what interesting news, one of my best friends has scored higher on the nerd test than I did. I never knew she had it in her. So my congratulations goes out to Jenny, for being the nerd I wish I could be.

The effort to fight piracy has took what Microsoft does best, and created a CD that crashes your computer when you try to play it in the CD-ROM drive. It's a Celine Dion CD, so while her heart may gone on, your computer will not (I can't take credit for that line, it was on a message board). So far however it's only being used in European countries, hence no one in America cares yet.

In other things most American's dont' care about, SETI (the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (sounds important doesn't it?)) is looking at the most promising ga ussians for further study in hopes of finding intelligent life in space. And yes, I do help by crunching SETI packets every night. The real fun starts though when we finally make contact. Who exactly gets the opportunity to offend them first?

I also finally figured out the crazy scheme that the Library of Congress, and the UF libraries, use to keept track of their books. It was so much simpler in elementary school, as were the books. Curious George, Bernstein Bears, Boxcar Chilren, Babysitters Club (er uh, I didn't read that last series, no....), Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, ahhh, those were the days.

Frisbee is fun.

The Reitz is having a Dance Dance Revolution tourny for the DDR Gators (the local UF team) on April 27th. So mark your calenders boys and girls and come out at noon to see the best players at UF tear it up on the DDR machine. There is also quite a debate about whether playing DDR attracts girls or not. The fact that in a year and a half of playing, the only females who you could say "hit" (she said I looked like a Backstreet Boy while dancing) on me are over the age of 40, I'm inclined to believe it doesn't. However, a very good friend of mine (who plays DDR herself) told me that it would work, and her being a girl, I'm inclined to believe her. Apparently girls love guys who can dance, but then the debate rages on whether playing DDR could really be considered dancing, or just looking stupid on a videogame machine. And speaking of dancing, I want to learn how to ballroom dance. It looks fun.

April 6, 2002

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy. Some of the nicer thoughts:
  • If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."
  • Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what is I was an ant, and she fell on me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny.
  • Maybe in order to understand mankind, we have to look at the word itself: "Mankind". Basically, it's made up of two separate words - "mank" and "ind". What do these words mean ? It's a mystery, and that's why so is mankind.
Very mean yes. But oh so funny in that "I can't believe he said that" way.

Did you know you can get 7 water guns for $5 nowdays? That's less than a buck a gun. Because UF is such an awesome college, they not only have a great academic program, they also own their very own lake that students can get into for free. So I went there today with a bunch of people from the DDR team up here, and had lunch and a huge water gun/water balloon fight, where I ended up getting completely and totally soaked. I felt like a little kid again, and man did I love it. I hate when I feel old, even though I'm only 18. I miss those things that you could do as a kid and no one looked at you funny, cause you were jsut a kid. I miss playing on the McDonalds playground, going down slides, and watching Saturday morning cartoons. Well actually I still would watch Saturday morning cartoons if they weren't on Saturday morning, I mean I don't usually get up till 1 on the weekends. I'd watch Saturday afternoon cartoons, but do they make those? Nooooooooo. Sometimes I think about how if I were like 8 years old today, I'd be into those Razor scooters and watch Pepperann (I LOVE that show, but I hardly ever catch it on TV) and there would just be so much stuff that I dont' know about because I'm too old. But on hte other hand, if I was 8 years old now, I'd have to deal with Power Rangers and Barney growing up, and I would have missed out on Ninja Turtles, Transformers, and Pogs. And yes, somehow I managed to go from water guns to pogs in one long rambeling paragraph.

For only $78 million, you too can have your very own luxury submarine. Add weapons to it, and you might be able to create your very own little floating country. Now wouldn't THAT be cool?

And finally, a guy got TCP/IP and PPP to run on his Gameboy Advance, essentially turning the awesome little gaming device into a webserver. Now you're playing with power! :) (5 bonus points and a cookie to everyone who recognizes that reference).

April 7, 2002

If you want to look at it in a unique way, most everyone in America did some time traveling last night. We were all instantiously transported an hour into the future. Although actually a physicist at the University of Connecticut thinks it's possible and he's out to try and prove his ideas. I'm betting that nothing comes of it, as it leads to the age old problem that if time travel really is possible, then where are the visitors from the future? Unless maybe UFO's are really just time machines? Or perhaps we can only move forward in time, but not backward. Time is a funny little thing anyways. As Mr. Einstein says "When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity."


Oh, and here's some reasons people gave to run the SETI@Home client I was talking about below:
-- 'cos try as I might I don't seem to be able to phone home!
-- 'cuz I'm too lazy to actually DO something with this computer of mine...
-- I can't get a date on this planet. Might as well try to find another one
-- It would be interesting to introduce a new sexual position or three if alien females were discovered
-- A few years ago some extraterrestrial sent me a bad checque. With SETI I hope to find the guy
-- After they abducted me, they told me "don't call us, we'll call you." I've been waiting for five years.
-- All that complicated looking data crawling across the screen really impresses my girlfriends.
-- As an alien, I'm amused by this project you earthlings are engaged in...
-- Because in high school I was voted most likely to build my own spacecraft and abandon the planet Earth.
-- Because the idea is far more interesting than some boring "crack the million-bit encryption"
-- Best to know something about a stranger you'll possibly meet before you meet them.

April 10, 2002

I hate doing research projects. I have a major one due in a week for my gerentology class, and I spent a few hours tonight looking up stuff for it. One thing that has impressed me though is the sheer amount of journals and articles that UF has. They have journals on everything, and it's all avaliable for free to students since they pay all the copyright costs. Gotta love going to a large university.

If you run KaZaa, read this.

And finally someone who must like the Powderpuff girls a bit too much.

April 11, 2002

I found out today that I have my Intro to Computer Science final at 7:30 am on a Monday, and then my physics final is at 10 am that same day. Not cool, not cool at all. But in better news, I went to go see Florida Govenoral Democratic canidate Bill McBride at the student union today. He had an interesting speech, though a bit long. He focused on education and supported a need-based Bright Futures scholarship, and also said he'd sign a law allowing legalized medical marijuana if it passed the legislature, as well as legal gay adoptions. Then as soon as that was over, I ran over to the Computer Science building to hear Sami Al-Arian speak about civil liberties in a post 9/11 America. If the name sounds familiar, he is the professor who was fired from USF essentially because of his policitcal views and his associations with certain people. He has never been found guilty of any kind of terrorist ties, but fear and not rational take precedence in today's society. Anyways, he talked about how the US is attacking Islam the religion, about a raid on as Islamic center which is kin to the Chinese government raiding the head of the Catholic church in China, and how thanks to the PATRIOT ACT, Ascroft can hold anyone he wants as long as he wants and he doesn't have to have any evidence. Very interesting talk to say the least.

April 14, 2002

Tonight's "The Brak Show" was perhaps one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. I laffed.

As one of my friends pointed out: I haven't updated in a while.

But I have a good excuse. It seems like everything major is due this week. I have a big gerontology research paper due, as well as two Java programming projects. So most of this weekened I've been doing that, and then also trying to get football tickets for next season. Season tickets went on sale Friday night, and the phones have been jammed since then. One of my friends only took 15 minutes to get though, it took me and my parents a total of 13 hours to get through, and then some of my friends STILL haven't gotten through. Crazy I tell you, CRAZY!

And now various stuff that I found interesting:
Article on Herion-ware, otherwise known as EverCrack.
And then for all those game addicts, here comes the 24 -hour gaming channel. W00t!
Guy cashes junk mail check for $95,000
So what is your password?

April 15, 2002

Sign of the Apocalypse #34333224: That AOL commercial where the kid talks about "the really cool voice" that says "You've Got Mail" on AOL. Am I the only one who cringes everytime I hear that? And they really ought to make it "You've Got Spam" anyways.

Today I went to go see a dance performance put on by the UF student-run Dance Company. It had a variety of music from metal to pop to ballet, and other than some synchronization problems, was quite good and entertaining. So of COURSE after it was over I was feelign all "dancy" (Yes, it is a word!) and stuff, so I went and played some DDR and had 3 different people tell me how good I was while I was freestyling. Good times, good times. :)

Here's a piece about how kids use the web in usability tests. They found that kids are remarkably similiar to adults in their surfing habits, though of course kids dont' like pages with lots of text on it. Interesting study.

And finally yet another excellent article by Salon, this one on one of my most favorite songs ever: Nirvan a's Smells Like Teen Spirit.

April 18, 2002

Last week I began my gerontology report on the effect of retirement on marriage. 4,362 words and 13 pages later, it is complete. During that period of researching and writing the paper, I spent time looking blankly at my comptuer screen, checking for new email every 30 seconds, reading people's away messages/profile every 2 minutes, and turning down an offer to see a movie with a friend of mine. The sacrifices I make for education.

A warning to all you Internet Explorer users, hitting the back button is not safe anymore. I especially like how they notified Microsoft of this hole on November 12, 2001, and then reminded them again on March 25, 2002, and it's still not fixed. Also remember that Februrary was supposed to be "Microsoft Security Fix" month or something like that. At least now that its' out in the open, you can expect a fix soon.

Salon has yet another great article, this time on how mods are helping the gaming industry. It's amazing to relieze that TFC and Counter-Strike started out as user-made mods to Halflife, and are now multimillion dollar sellers. The comptuer industry is so great in that respect, in that anyone with enough skills can break through and get hired, regardless of how old they are or if they even have a degree. It's all about the skill. Heck, that idea is the part of the reason I love the intfile:///home/anthony/website/database.htmlernet so much. It doesn't matter how rich you are, or what race you are, or what you look like, or anything. It's all about your mind. It is the one place where there really can be no prejudice against a person, because there is nothing to be prejudiced about.

April 19, 2002

I made my singing debut last night for the first time in my dorm's rec room. Yes, 20 years from now when I'm a famous rock star, I'll look back on this day fondly. Anyways, the way it came about was that they had a karaoke event in my dorm last night, and so I got up and sang B52's Love Shack, Backstreet Boy's I Want it That Way, and Coolio's Gangstas Paradise with some friends. I wanted to sing Britney Spear's Oops I Did it Again, but it was a no go. Man it was fun though, even if I am a terrible singer :)

The mp3 list is finally updated. Getting closer and closer to 2,000. And I'll use this oppurtunity to state once again my view on file sharing programs. I think that if the RIAA would stop bullying things like Napster, it would see an increase in sales. Sure some people will use it to download whole albums that they would otherwise buy, but I think most people would use it to sample new music. I know that's what I use them for. I would never buy 99% of the stuff I download. I just dont' feel it's worth $15 for a CD that I might not even like that much, and hence would just do without. But with all the file sharing, I can test out new bands and new albums, and make a definte decision on whether buying the physical CD is worth $15 of my money. I have no problem supporting bands I like by buying their CD's. I hardly never bought CD's before Napster, and then after Napster I began to buy a whole lot more CD's in new genre's I never used to listen to. Mainstream radio never plays techno, but on the internet I can download trance music with ease, exposing me to the genre, and thus leading to the purchase of several CD's I would have otherwise never bought. A few artists even agree with this theory, and CD sales have definitly reflected. Sales were at an all time high during Napster's heyday, and after Napster was shut down CD sales dropped. And a book publisher who put all his books online for free also noticed similiar results, where book sales would jump when he put stuff online. People could read it for free to see how good it was, and then would be more likely to buy the book since they knew what it was, isntead of buying some book they had no idea about. If only the RIAA would get a clue.

I request that every male who reads this site play this game. It is of the greatest importance. I just dont' understand how come buildings skimp on dividers between urinals. Surely they can't cost THAT much, and it makes using the restroom so much more comfortable. I guess they have to spend all that money on couches for the women's restrooms (yes, there really are couches in the women's restrooms in the student union, but not for the guys! What the heck is up with that? What happened to equality between the sexes!?!?!).

April 20, 2002

Today is the 3 year anniversary of the
Colubmine massacare. And so for the second year in a row, I'm going to call attention to something that most of the media and general public aren't aware of, or don't want to be aware of.

To begin with, here's an Onion article on how Columbine jocks are now able to resume bullying with a tighter security force at the school. While it may be written by the best satire newspaper in the world, there's an awful lot of truth in it.

And then secondly is Jon Katz's excellent series of articles on the aftermath of Columbine on the "different" people in school; the dorks, the nerds, the goths, the non-conformists, etc, etc, etc. He talks about, and quotes email that he recieved, from people persecuted as being possible killers just because they were different or didn't go with the flow. The witchhunt that followed Columbine is the most tragic part of all in my opinion, maybe because I can relate to it somewhat. The original article (which I HIGHLY suggest reading), Voices from the Hellmouth gives the best overview of what kind of treatment that non-conformists at schools across the country recieved after Colubmine. However if you have the time, Katz wrote a series of 10 articles revisiting the stories that he recieved. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, and Part 10. Again, they are very very good, and show a part of the effect of Columbine that most people do not think of, nor really care to think of. To quote the original article:
The big story out of Littleton isn't about violence on the Internet, or whether or not video games are turning out kids into killers. It's about the fact that for some of the best, brightest and most interesting kids, high school is a nightmare of exclusion, cruelty, warped values and anger.

Of course, middle school was much worse for me than high school, which I found to be common for most of the people who I've talked to. And so to quote Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along?"

April 21, 2002

Well yesterday was fun. They had an "end of the year" party thing in my dorm area, so they had a band and free food and stuff. And then I went swimming for two and a half hours with friends and played some water frisbee. Unfortunatly fun does have it's consequences, and it left me with a sunburn on my shoulders, raw feet from running on the pool floor, and a case of heat exhaustion. But it was worth it!

And speaking of the the band, they decided to do sound checks at 10 AM. You may be saying to yourself "10 AM is pretty late, everyone should be up by then", but if you did, then you're not a college student are you? So anyways, I get woken up at 10, and then they start playing for real at noon. I attempt to sleep through it for an hour (semi-successfully) until I relent and get up. They were pretty good, but it was really loud so that it felt like they were playing in my room almost, and this is with the window's shut. Rock on!

At last, the ultimate videogame system! A guy built a box with a Gamecube, NES, Playstation 2, X-Box, Atari 2600, and a custom-built computer. Every hardcore gamer's dream come true!

April 22, 2002

Next time you're bored enough to do something dumb, take a bottle of mustard and start squirting it in water. It forms yellow logs of fun! Go, try it right now! Yellow Logs of Fun!

Does anyone else find it sorta silly that a dog being stranded on a ship is worthy of front page news? I'm all for the Humane Society, but if theyr'e going to spend tens of thousands of dollars to rescue a single dog, something is wrong with their priorities. Now if this dog had super powers, or could talk in 5 different languages AND make the bed, then I could see the reason. But it seems as though the money could be spent on more important things, like saving hundreds of dogs instead of just one.

Quote of the update: "I've come to the conclusion that college is what happens after 1am" Only 10 more days of the spring semester :(

JEFF K IS BACK! Be sure to read JEFF K"S"S GUIDE TO TEH USEING TEH INTARNET!!! and find out all about how the internet works, in Jeff K terms! What, you never heard of Jeff K? He's the "COMPUTAR MACHENE MASTAR OF COMPUTER MACHENES MASTERIES!!!" And in related news, Hackers was on Sci-Fi today. That movie is so bad it's good since it's perfect for making fun of while watching it, or for making hillarious parody's of. Of course, I would love to have some of those comptuers: 3-d file systems? Sweeeeeeeet

Remember the pizza girl from a few weeks back? Well she's still on track and hasn't missed a day yet, and now has a new domain name: 365pizza.com. My own personal project of breathing everyday for a year is going very well so far. It was tough at times, but I've persevered. Some may say that breathing everyday is a lot easier than eating pizza everyday, but I just ignore them. Here's to another 7 months of breathing!

April 23, 2002

It's the year 2002 and we would like to consider ourselves civilized human beings. But in rural parts of America, crap like segregated proms are still trying to be phased out. It amazes me that stupidity like that is still around, though it probably shouldn't. Basically some rural school in Georgia still has segregated proms, and this is the first year they plan on having one together. And the extra scary thing is that only 75% of the students thought it was a good idea. Makes you wonder about that 25%..... But then again, it's always chilling to think that not even 40 years ago segregation was alive and well in the south, and an entire generation that is today's fathers and mothers were brought up to believe that blacks were inferior. Hopefully my generation can put a stop to the madness. Hopefully.

Blueberry muffins are really really yummy. Just make sure the "blueberries" aren't really mold. If someone tries to sell you a 2 month old blueberry muffin, those aren't blueberries you're seeing.... And speaking of blueberry muffins, I was very disappointed there was not homepage set up to exhault the qualities of the blueberry muffin. There's a webpage on the internet for EVERYTHING, so surely there has to be one for blueberry muffins. But Google just returned lots and lots of recipes.

How many people actually remembered that Earth Day was yesterday? Yeah, me neither. Guess the Earth isn't big news much anymore.

April 24, 2002

Remember that DDR picnic from way long ago? Well a guy got his pictures developed and uploaded to the web, and so there is now yet another picture of me out on the internet (scary isn't it?). I'm the incredibly sexy and handsome (and avaliable *wink wink*) person here. What? You can't pick me out? Well I'm the guy in the black shirt looking all hot like. Yeah...... THAT one. Notice the nifty ThinkGeek shirt..... awwwww yeah

Coming soon to a future near you: Augmented Reality. I've mentioned/ranted about it before on here, but this article makes it worthy of a second mentioning. Briefly it's just "enhancing" reality by adding some graphical information or text to what you're viewing with your eyes, similiar to a heads-up display in a cockpit. It's still in the beginning stages, but it's only a matter of time till it's perfected. And then everyone will not being seeing a "true" reality anymore, but a "better" reality. It's science fiction come alive.

I saw the world premere of a movie today, though of course not a major studio movie. No, it was a student produced movie that was shot docu-drama style about explorers discovering "usa" and the culture of the "usans". It covered how there were 2 competing curriences: the copper and the silver. And how the "bearded one" opposed usa principles since its face is in the opposite direction of the silver coins. It also went into our religious alters found in every house in the biggest room (think: TV's) with sitting areas in front. And our giant sundial (Washington Monument) in the Monument City (Washington DC). On the whole it was a nice funny look at how archologists can be coming to totally wrong conclusions based on the stuff they find, and while it seemed the filmmakers were really streching for idea's at times, I enjoyed it for the most part. That is one thing I've always wondered though, is what if the pyramids in Egypt were really like hotels or something? Or maybe they were just built as tourist attractions for ancient egyptians to take their families to on 3 day weekends.....

Quick Episode 2 article. Less Jar Jar, less merchandising, and more Star Wars.

One question math tests are not cool. Not cool at all.

April 25, 2002

Last day of classes were yesterday. Now all that is left is two tests early Monday morning, and a paper about old people that I keep forgetting I have to write. This spring semester went by far faster than the fall did, and the entire year has just been a blur. I miss college already and I haven't even left yet :(

Here (was) a very long report about file sharing. It goes into all the different types of file sharing out there, and how they all work. Very informative and well done. It's one of the few reports that actually mentions FTP servers and IRC, the old skool methods of file sharing. In the pre-Napster days I used FTP servers, and that was a huge pain. Then Napster came and all was right with the world.

And because I can't think of anything else to put, I'll post a screenshot of what I'm seeing as I type this line. I'm sure your absolutly facinated.

April 26, 2002

Donuts are really really good. Some people however (and you know who you are if you read this site) maybe ought to cut back just a little bit :)

Well I've been studying...... some...... yesterday and then into today. It's great when you can study at 3 in the morning, which fits my sleep cycle very well. Our student union is also open 24 hours a day during finals week, so you can either get Wendy's at 5 AM or Subway at 4 AM. Nothing like gressy fries and burgers to start that heart pumping in the morning. I just wish they'd do it all semester long, cause I've been hungry so many times at 2 in the morning and nothing is open. Well except for the 24 hour pizza people. 24 hour pizza delivery is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Tomorrow is the DDR Gator's first UF tournament, so be sure to come out and see the best players at UF battle it out for the top spot on Dance Dance Revolution. Starts at noon, and goes on till whenever it's finished, probably after 4 or so. It'll be a small tourny, but should be interesting none the less.

You have just experianced the awesome power of a completely link-free update.

April 29, 2002

Finals Week Spring 2002 is now complete. Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've been busy studying, procrastinating, and playing DDR, along with some other stuff. It's quite amazing how unbored you can get when the only other option is studying. Then suddenly organizing your sock drawer becomes incredibly entertaining. Never underestimate the powers of procrastination.

But of course I didn't procrastinate too much, and I still did all the studying I needed to. Only having two finals helps out a lot too in the respect. Friday I chilled in the CSE lab studying for my Computer and Information Science's test, which was at 7:30 this morning. Whoever thought up early test times should be um.... should um.... well should have very bad things happen to. Trying to figure out a tree recurrsion method is not very fun when you're half asleep. Regardless, I think I did pretty well.

Saturday was the DDR tourny. I placed 3rd in trick (cough*out of 4*cough) and it was a lot of fun, even if it did take 5 years and 2 days to complete. Started at noon and lasted till about 5. Then off to Hungry Howies for some delicious cinnamon bread thingys. Oh man those cinammon bread things rocked. Go get those cinnamon bread thingys! Anywho, then played a very very fun PSX game called Circut Breakers. It's like MicroMachine's (anyone else play that?), and is incredibly addictive 4-player racing game. Then some Chu Chu Rocket action on the Dreamcast. Those stupid cats always ate all my mice.

Then Sunday I got in the "zone" for physics. I went to the library with my headphone and studied for 2 hours, but it only felt like 15 minutes. I was almost sad to leave, as pathetic as that sounds. But it's hard to get in the "zone", but man oh man I was so there (I'm such a nerd aren't I?). The test wasn't too bad, but wasn't easy either. I think I did ok on, good enough to get an A for the class anyways.

And so now all that is left is my Gerontology final paper, which is what I'm currently procrastinating off by updating my website. See, thanks to you I'm not doing work. It's not my fault, I"m doing it all for the reader.

As part of my procrastination, I decided to redo the look of my desktop on the computer. And then take 50 million pictures of it. And the result is a completely new and updated screenshots page. It looks even cooler in action, as anytime the mouse goes over a button the button turns a transparent blue, and when the mouse goes over a scrollbar the scrollbar turns a transparent green. Oooooo pretty :)

April 30, 2002

A berry special hey out to my singing, raping, juicy water melon cutting, and all around "mildly amusing" friends Sarah and Emily. Just how many in-jokes can I fit in one sentence? :)

Discover has an interesting piece on Quantum encryption and how eventually it'll become commonplace. Not only is it harder to crack, but if anyone intercepts the message and tries to read it, the reciever on the other end will know. So it's impossible to tamper with an encoded message. Now Bush can keep secrets safe from "evil-doers" and other all around Bad People (tm). And going off on a tangent, am I the only one sick and tired of all of Bush's talk about "evil" and "evil-doers"? It sounds like we're in a 3rd grade comic book.

A bit late now that the semester is almost over, but for all you poor college students, here is the $20 a week lunch plan. Gives you plenty of food and won't leave you dying of malnutrition. The comments also give some dirt-cheap food solutions, and being that I have a whopping $.93 on my declining balance (for food) to last me 4 days, it might come in handy.

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