May 2002

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May 1, 2002

Summer hath begun! I am now completly and totally done with my first year of college. So to celebrate I went swimming and then over to a friends dorm to hang out. I'll be up here till Friday, so it's 3 days of just hanging out and packing. Life is goooooooood.

Today is also May Day or what might also be called Socialism propagada day. Always interesting to read some off the wall opinions, even if I do disagree with them.

Pizza always makes me really thirsty.

May 2, 2002

I have discovered a new kind of crack, and it's name is Frozen-Bubble also known as Snood to all you Windows people. I started playing this game tonight because I was bored (my roommate already took the TV home and everyone was either away or busy) and I couldn't stop playing. They really need warning labels on these things. "Do not play if you want to have a life"

I also went to go sell back some of my books today, and was shocked back into reality when I remembered how little you get back considering what you spent for the book. A $90+ dollar textbook gets you $30 in cash. So a note to all you pre-college peoples out there, always buy and sell from your friends if possible. The seller sells above what the bookstore will give you, and below what it costs to buy used in the bookstore. So everyone wins! Yay! There is also the chance that editions will change after you buy your text book. That's what happened to chem and economics books this year, no one will buy them back since a new edition is coming out in the fall. Most of the time however, it's just some misspellings fixed and then rearranging the problems in the book to say they've changed X% of it and can thus issue a new edition. It's such a racket, but everyone has to put up with it. At least one person though advocates not selling back old textbooks since he believes you're selling information then back to the bookstore. Personally I would never look through most of my old textbooks again, and some like chem I try to banish from my mind.

Peanut Butter jelly Time!

The creator of the Melissa virus was sentenced to 20 months of prison for his act. It's nice to see a malicious virus writer get what he deserves. I must not be very popular though, cause the only email virus I've ever gotten was Sircam, and that was only one email. I'm not feeling the love here people! If I was really popular and cool, I'd be getting virus's all the time! Instead I just get spam for "Lose weight FREE!" and "Would you like to get PAID every time you EAT!" stuff. Those spammers really care about me don't they, always trying to help me out and make me rich. How sweet.

OpenOffice 1.0 was released yesterday. It's the open source version of Sun's Star Office, and works quite well. It's completely free and can read and write Microsoft Office documents just fine, except in certain special cases where there may be messups. It's well worth the download if you dont' feel like paying $250+ for Microsoft Office.

Just two more days of the dorm life, and then it's over for 4 months. So sad so sad. But next year I'll be staying in a brand new dorm (and paying up the wazoo for that privilage as well) so it should be really cool.

May 3, 2002

Stars Wars Episode II will end up costing the economy $30 0 million in wages by people calling in sick in order to see the movie on opening day. It's expected to hit the tech sector especially hard, for what should hopefully be obvious reasons (geeks work in tech, geeks like Star Wars much lot, put the two together.....) The article does point out though that compared to the World Cup's 3 billion pound cost in Britian, Star Wars isn't that bad.

At last, the perfect summer job.

At lastly, I've created a brand new sound clip of me sounding like a dork (I mean really, is there a "cool" way to provide a sound clip of yourself talking?) to give everyone who doesnt' know me in real life an idea of what I sound like. The "Chris" I mention is a friend who plays my voice over and over again on his computer. Yes, it scares me too.

May 4, 2002

First a slight change in how I update my site.

Normally I update about 1 or 2 in the morning, when the date has already passed. But since I usually talk about and link to whatever happened to me the "previous" day, I decided to sorta move back updates by a day. So like for instance as I type this it's May 5th and that's what date I would normally put this under. But since I'm talking about events and discussing articles that I found on May 4th, I'll put the date as May 4th. It also means that the date of the current update will almost always be one day behind the real date, unlike now where (assuming I update it every day) you get a brand new update whose date coincides with the real date. The reason I"m doing this is because 3 years from now when I'm looking at the archives, it'll make a lot more sense for stuff to be put under the date that they happened. I'm sure 99% of yall don't really care or understand, but that's ok. It's for that special 1% (or since I get about 20 visitors a day, the .2 of a single person) who cares. Thank you .2 of a person for caring. Thank You.

And now back to your regulary scheduled updating.

I went to go see Spider-man (don't forget the hyphen, Spider-man fans are fanatical about that hyphen!) today. It was pretty good, and I might go see it again maybe. But then again I'm always a sucker for movies where the geek gets the girl. I also bought tickets for the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode II. They went on sale Thursday night, but I wasn't home then. Thankfully they hadn't sold out yet. I'm thinking about dressing up, anyone have some good ideas? :)

It's also easy to tell that college is out. My AIM buddy list is almost empty of all my college friends. Everyone is always on when college is in session, but during the breaks it's pretty vacant. Like there are more important things than being online 24 hours a day.... jeez.

And finally the truth has come out, Mario is a Communist.

May 5, 2002

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Being half Mexican I guess I get to celebrate it. Well except for the fact that I have no Hispanic culture in me at all. But since I am partly Mexican, I can tell a really really bad joke. If this doesn't make you groan, then something is wrong with you (or else you're my dad who is the one who told me this joke and actually thinks it's funny, HI DAD!)
Since I'm half Mexican, I know stuff that most people don't know. Like that Hispanics love their mayonaise. We've just got to have it. So anyways back in the colonial days Spain sent over a shipment of mayonaise for the year to the colonies in Mexico. However on May 5th a storm came up and sank the ship. And from then on Mexicans remember the day as the Sinko de Mayo.

More Star Wars stuff coutersy of TheForce.Net. First the front and inside of a brochure warning about Saga Costume Addiction (SCA). It turns otherwise normal geeks into constume obsessed geeks that are afflicted their entire life. And then an article comparing Spiderman to Padme. How can anything beat Natalie Portman though, I mean really?

The Song of the Moment has been updated. Apocalyptica is an awesome new group I discovered that plays Metallica songs on a cello. It sounds incredible, and is well worth a download or two.

May 6, 2002

For every 1337 h4X0r out there, finally a world where h4X0rz rule. Some people photoshopped images to put 1337 sp34k on them, and well the results are hillarious. (use email: and password: foobar) My personal favorites? The Hacker God's 10 commandments and "Sex May Never happen in your lifetime but if it does, L1n3x has no holes"

I finally saw Breakfast at Tiffney's tonight for the first time. Very good movie. Audrey Hepburn is simply maaaaaaarvalous :)

Regular readers have probably heard me mention the DMCA quite a few times, and now the Electronic Frontier Foundation has created an excellent summary of DMCA consequences that it has had in the 3 years that it has been law. From supressing scientific research, censorship, elimating certain fair-use rights, and hurting innovation, it's little wonder so few people (outside of the major media companies of course) like the law. Someday maybe we'll be free of the DMCA.... someday.

Yay for Microtel! They produce super cheap OS-free computers for sale in Wal-Mart, which gets rid of the "Microsoft tax" by not making new PC owners buy Windows with the computer. Instead they can put on free operating systems like Linux or FreeBSD. Anyways, the problem was that the modems shipped with these computers didn't work on Linux well, but after an article pointed out the problem and people at Slashdot and other places complained, Microtel fixed the problem and they are now shipping with Linux-friendly modems. It's nice to see a company listen to people and fix something wrong with their product.

"You know you're an engineer when you have no life and can prove it mathmatically"

May 7, 2002

I went to Busch Gardens today to use my "Florida Fun Pass" ($50 gets you in all year) for the first time. I need to go to theme parks more often on spring weekdays, as the park was really uncrowded. I got to ride Kumba 3 times in a row by just walking off and then walking right back on with no wait. I also had my picture taken for the card, and in a flurry of scanning frenzy (hehe) I scanned in a picture of my wonderful black and white bad resolution face as it appears on my card (even though it looks like it's from a bank security camera...). If you look closely you'll see my eyes are NOT closed, but are instead slightly open in a picture, which is extremelly rare for me. And speaking of the "Florida Fun Pass" who the heck came up with that name? The "Fun Pass"? Granted Busch Gardens is fun, but well who really understands corporate marketing anyways?

As my mom pointed out yesterday, since I now have 61 credit hours, I am officially a Junior in college with a 4.0 GPA at the age of 18. Neato :)

Star Wars fever is starting to hit me especially bad. As part of that flurry of scanning frenzy that I mentioned above, I not only scanned in my Episode II ticket (note the 12:01 time..... awwww yeah!) but also my old original Episode I ticket next to the Episode II ticket. Now just waiting on that Episode III ticket.....

Put in more milk into cornbread batter than cornbread recipies call for. Trust me on this one. Trust me.

May 8, 2002

I finally got DVD movie playback in Linux to work today. In the process I broke a few laws, but that's what happens when free speech is illegal. Due to the stupid DMCA and the MPAA's CSS protection scheme, it's illegal for me to actually watch DVD's in Linux since it requires a piece computer code that breaks the encryption scheme on DVD's. The encryption scheme was "originally" supposed to stop piracy, but it doesn't stop that one bit since it doesn't stop the copying of DVD's, just the playback. Instead it's more of a control scheme for the MPAA to control how a person uses the DVD they bought. So much for fair use rights eh? Anyways the end result is I can't legally watch on Linux the DVD I bought. But the code required is easy enough to find (which it's illegal to link to, just ask 2600. Just search Google for DeCSS or for some good examples at how futile trying to hide the code is now, search for decss gallery) and I can now watch DVD movies with no problems. Unfortunatly it's a bit CPU intensive so the audio/video sync gets off after a while, but that's what happens when you have an almost 4 year old computer. And for more DeCSS fun, check out this list of links.

Yeah, that's it for today. Sorry if you thought the DeCSS/DVD/DMCA stuff was boring, but that's what happens when you read the website of a Linux and freedom loving geek.

Ok, small update. Since I relieze that for 99% of yall, the first paragraph went way over your heads, here is the simplified version: Almost every DVD movie made has an encryption code on it called CSS (Content Scrambling System). This is supposed to prevent piracy since the movie cannot be played without a special piece of code to unencrypt it. This step is not noticable to people since it happens automatically when you put the DVD in your DVD player. Unfortunatly the program that unencrypts DVD's (so that you can view the DVD) is not avaliable on Linux. So someone made a piece of programming code (called DeCSS) to unencrypt the DVD on their own so they could view DVD movies in Linux and other non-Windows operating systems. This violated the Digital Millinium Copyright Act (DMCA). The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) sued the person who wrote the code, as well as anyone who put the code on the internet or linked to the code. My problem with this is that I consider computer code to be free speech, since it conveys ideas. So by suing people for posting computer code, they are suing over free speech. The end result of all of this is that it is illegal for me to view a movie on Linux I bought legally since it would require the use of DeCSS to view. It has nothing to do with stopping piracy, but is about control over how I view the movie I bought. Hopefully that made it a bit clearer.

May 9, 2002

Well Episode 1 was on TV today, so I watched it to get in the mood for Episode II on Wednesday night. If you cut out the scenes with Jar Jar, fix some of the dialogue of the Trade Federation things, and remove most of Anakin's dialogue, then it's actually a pretty good movie. Fortunatly other people feel like me too, and hence an edited version of the Phantom Menance was created called The Phantom Edit. It's completely unofficial as it was created by a fan, but it's what Episode 1 should have been. But from what everyone who's seen Episode II has said, a lot of the things wrong with Episode I have been fixed. Only 7 more days.......

Remember that DDR tourny waaaaaay back in January? Well I finally got the pictures developed from it. Yeah, I know it's been like 5 months but it takes a while for me to take all the pictures on a roll of film. Sorry about the quality too, as when you're using a cheap disposable camera and you're a bad photographer the end result is pretty bad pictures. What I really want is a digital camera. Mmmmmm

Springtime means barefeet. Fun!

I can't parallel park.

May 10, 2002

Can't get 12:01 tickets to Episode 2? Never fear, it's already on the Internet. Someone filmed the movie with a camcorder at a screening earlier in the week, and it's being passed around on IRC right now. Sure the quality is probably like watching scrambled cable, but if you're really impatient it's one way to see it early and be the envy of all the Star Wars geeks on your block. Yet another reason why the Internet is the greatest thing ever made: FREE MOVIES!!!!!111

Mozilla 1.0 Release Candidate 2 was released today. Fixes some bugs and a security vulnerablity, so be sure to upgrade. This should hopefully be the last release before the final and complete 1.0 version comes out.

Alright, prepare yourselves for something amazing. Yes, AMAZING!!!11!!1. Are you sitting down? Good. I took a very professional and sophisticated picture (holding a disposable camera out with one arm) of myself in my dorm room. Yes, that handsome and oh so sexy face is me, and I can yours for the low price of $ uh wait, that's not right. Anywho, that's me in a picture taken by me in a picture scanned by me brought to you by me. Enjoy. Oh, and notice the open eyes. Very very rare in a picture, so this is a collectors item and makes a GREAT GIFT!

And finally a small update to the favorite bands page. Think one of the bands I like is horrible? Deal with it and make your own website. I'll be playing some U2 in the meantime.

May 11, 2002

I went to the beach today and succesfully managed not to get eaten by a manatee or giant squid. I did drink a lot of saltwater though and attempted to make a sandcastle, though some people who don't see my ingenious design might call it a "a pile of sand" but they just aren't sharing my vision.

Quadrinlingual programing? Oh yes, a very 1337 programmer indeed made a program that compilies under four different languages with no modifcation needed. And I have trouble just getting some of my programs to compile writing it in one language.

Nintendorks is back up. And all is good in the world again.

Penquin Power!

May 12, 2002

The Sci-Fi channel had a special on tonight highlighting many of the Star Wars Fan Films that have been made in homage to the great film series. My personal all-time favorite fan film is Troops, a short movie paroding the Cops TV Show. It's very well done and quite funny. Only 4 more days.

Nirvana..... and Destiny's Child Booytlicious? For some strange reason, setting the lyrics of Bootylicious to the music of Smells Like Teen Spirit works. It's the latest use of the internet and digital music: spreading mixed music called mash ups that use one artist's lyrics ontop of another's music. Base58 has a large selection of the combinations possible, and this opens up a whole new (though mostly illegal) music genre.

Pollen sized "Stringlets" weighing several tons may have hit the earth and will continue to as they hurtle through space at 900,000 miles per hour. They come in one side of the earth and about 20 second later exit out the other end, causing some earthquakes along the way. If someone was really really unlucky though and got hit by one of these things..... ouch.

Pizza ++good

May 13, 2002

Remember a while back when I talked about how playing copy-protected CD's in a computer could cause it to crash and you have to reboot? Well in the new iMacs, it really does crash, literaly. Once you put the CD in one of those new iMacs, you can't eject it and you also cant' reboot your computer. The only solution is to send it back to Apple to fix. That's pretty harsh punishment for trying to listen to something you bought legally. It's so nice when you're treated like a criminal for trying to listen to music.

Want to know the weather conditions in space? knows. It has solar wind readings, sunspot reports, aurora warnings, and near-earth astroid alerts. Very cool stuff indeed, and yet another example of something that is only possible through the internet.

It's Star Wars week at Foxtrot this week. I loved their Episode I and Lord of the Rings comics, so this should be a great week for reading Foxtrot.

3 more days.....

May 14, 2002

I discovered today that Star Wars Cereal (that site proves once again that there is a site for EVERYTHING on the internet) is the exact same thing as the Ninja Turtles cereal I was eating 10 years ago. Light sabre marshmellows are soooo much cooler than turtle shaped marshmellows though. Tomorrow night is the night!

The Onion had also supplied a few that were leaked.

And finally the fun starts before the actual movie even begins. Teaser trailers for the two Matrix sequels will be shown before the movie. Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions are probably my other two most hotly antcipated sequels, so I'm looking forward to this trailer. The Matrix and Star Wars on one screen the same night? Ohhhh yes. Oh yes.

May 16, 2002

GO SEE ATTACK OF THE CLONES!!!! I went to the midnight showing today, and it was incredible! One word to sum it up: Yoda. And one phrase to capture it all: "Spiderman who?"

First an introduction to the night:
I got tickets for the midnight showing on May 5th when I went to see Spiderman. Got in line at about 8:30 pm last night, with about 50 other people. First guy in line got there at 3:30, second guy in line got there at 7. They let us into the theater (one of four) at 9, and started the film at about 11:50 so that the Star Wars screen popped up around 12:05. Where the heck was my Matrix trailer though?!?! I read that it was supposed to be attached to the movie, and other people said it was on their movie, but not on mine. Humph. And they also wouldn't let lightsabre's into the theather, what the heck is up with that? I felt sorry for all those people who brought some. Also saw two guys dresssed up as Jedi, a few dressed up as Sith, and one girl dressed up as Padme in her white suit. Gotta love Star Wars women :) Now onto the movie, first the no-spoilers impressions.......

This movie is leaps and bound beyond Episode 1 and really starts to tie in everything with the original trilogy. The fight scenes are jaw dropping, and the CGI looks really really good. Jar Jar is hardly in the movie, and the dialgue is pretty good overall, with just a few lapses, and there are some really powerful moments. Natalie Portman is absolutly stunning and the entire movie is action packed. It is defenitly a must see movie. And from now on watch out for spoilers.....


YODA!!!!!!!!! That fight scene alone will keep me going and going and going. Forget Spiderman, I want my Yoda!!!! The packed theater I saw it in also went wild when Yoda appeared, and cheered and clapped through the entire fight scene. I LOVE STAR WARS FANS!

Overall I think this is one of my favorite Star Wars movies. This blows Phantom Menace out of the water, mainly since it fixes everything wrong with Episode 1, mainly Jar Jar. Jar Jar is good now, he's no longer annoying and is now just another "weird alien guy". I like that. Storm troopers are explained now, as well as Anakin's hate. I found C3PO's dialogue to be pretty funny, but reading other reviews some hated it. Also read somewhere else how it seemed this movie should be more PG-13 than PG. I've got agree, I'm amazed it got by with a PG rating. Cutting off heads? And one more thing: Women Jedi Knights!

Anakin did have some acting problems, but nothing like Episode 1. Some of the things he said ("I want to be the most powerful Jedi ever") just didn't sound quite right in the way he said it. And as I read somewhere else, it did seem like he was stalking her at first.

Speaking of the love story, it was ok.... Her love for him seemed sorta out of the blue though. Or maybe I'm just jealous about her kissing him so much and not me. I loved how everyone in the theater groaned in sympathy when she said "You haven't grown up Anni" (or something like that). I mean it's a theater full of geeks who have probably had very little success with girls, we feel the pain. Also nice to note they'll be having the baby in wedlock.

And finally Natalie. Why do girls ALWAYS go for the bad boys though? But man is she ever cute in this movie. She has securered her spot as the most beautiful actress in Hollywood.

Overall I loved it and I cant' wait to see it again. Yoda is too cool!

May 18, 2002

For the first time in 8 years, I went to bed before 9 pm lastnight. That's what not getting much sleep, waking up very early, and then spending all day at Busch Gardens does to ya.

Attack of the clones had the 3rd highest opening ever on Thursday, even beating out Episode 1. It also now holds the record for the largest Thursday earnings ever. This includes the $6 to $8 million earned from the midnight showings alone. Weekend figures will be interesting.

I also installed Windows XP Professional Edition on Wednesday. The Engineering college at the University of Florida has a deal with Microsoft to give the engineering students free MS software, so we can download Windows XP, Windows 2000, Visual Studio, and several other server/programming based applications totally free. Essentially I just saved $250 by going to UF instead of having to pay retail for it. The reason they do this of course it to get us hooked and using MS software, so that once we're working we'll try to convinence our employeers how great MS is.

Anyways, it is quite nice and worthy of an upgrade if you have a fast enough computer. On my PII 450 though, it runs quite a bit slower than Millenium and Linux. Not unusable, but it lags sometimes. It is nice though to see some features that I've been using in Linux for 3 years now finally come up in Windows. It looks a whole lot better than the Win 9x series, and for the new computer users it is somewhat more helpful. Installing it wasn't too bad except for some files that for some reason couldnt be copied. It's suspecious since the files were uncopyable on the two seperate downloads and cd burnings I did of XP, so it would have to be something with the download site or Windows XP itself. Regardless it didn't cause any problems, so alls well that ends well. Mandrake Linux on the whole has the better installation IMHO, especially when it comes to partitioning and formating hard drives.

I'll still use Linux a majority of the time though, as it's so much more convinent and quicker for me to do things in it, and still has a lot of features that Windows hasnt' caught up to yet (cough*multiple desktops*cough). Anywho, here's a screenshot of my desktop.

May 19, 2002

More Star Wars fun! (What else do you really expect during times such as these?)

I went to go see it for the second time today, and payed more attention to the story and foreshadowing that Episode 2 provides. There's really a whole lot there if you just look for it. Some people even think that Anakin may turn out to be Darth Vader.

The movie may have a love story, but here's a real Star Wars love story about a man who proposed to his girlfriend during the midnight premiere. It turns out they had meet in line waiting for the midnight premiere of Episode 1. Awwwwww :)

And now for some "darker" Star Wars stuff. First up is a chilling sataire piece on the Rebel's terrorist attack on the Empire. Gives the vantage point that terrorism is a relative thing. (and And getting off tangent here, but all the hoopla over Bush "knowing" about the 9/11 attacks is getting on my nerves. Sure he may have heard reports about a possible attack, but if we chased after every single possible attack or rumor, we would drown ourselves in chasing invisible leads. To think that our president knew and didn't do anything and let thousands of people die just isn't the least bit plausable. Hindsight is always 20/20.

There is also an article making it's rounds across the net about how Empire was really good and shouldn't have been destroyed. Once again uses some crazy reasoning, but it's quite entertaining.

$116 million in 4 days domestically, $183 million worldwide, and $88 million over the weekend. That's a lot of money. Enough to make it the second fastest movie ever to reach $100 million, and have the 3rd highest weekend on record. You just know movie theaters are loving this.

May 20, 2002

Microsoft pulled out The Best Excuse Ever (tm) today and said they couldn't open up Windows source code and API's because of the War on Terrorism. According to MS, some Microsoft code is so flawed it could not be safely disclosed, and hackers may use this to attack Microsoft computers. If you extend this idea a little further though, then you relieze that "Microsoft has therefore taken the position that their code is so bad that it must kept it secret to keep people from being killed by it." And people trust this stuff? The Open Source world has no problem disclosing their code so that everyone can look at it and improve on it, and yet it's still considered more secure than Microsoft's proprietery code. It's a bit scary to think Microsoft knows there are serious and gaping security holes in their programs but don't make them public until after someone points it out to them.

E3 (biggest gaming expo of the year) starts tomorrow, but Nintendo is already making annoucements with a $50 price drop of the Gamecube to $150. This follows the news of PS2 and X-Box going down to $200. The Monday Morning CEO also has a related article about what price cuts mean to the X-Box.

The last episode ever of the X-Files aired last night. The Truth is out There

Anyone remember that show on Nick called Pete and Pete? Yeah, that show ruled.

May 21, 2002

E3 Hath Begun! America's largest gaming exposition kicked off E3 2002 today with press conferences from all the major console contenders (including my personal favorite Nintendo) as well as tons of movies, such as this spectacular Zelda trailer. And with the recent price drops, I'm more and more tempted to get a PS2 and maybe even an XBox. But then I also have so many Gamecube games to buy... Money should grow on trees. I think I shall invent a money growing tree as a matter of fact. Yes... yeeees... muhahaha

Make this. It's good.

Canada really IS evil! Notice the striking similarity between the evil Palpatine of Star Wars and the prime minister on their $5 bill. Coincidence? I think not!

People are funny.

May 22, 2002

I've decided to do a little bit of "maintence" to the site, and redo the old archive pages. I'll reverse the order of them so it goes from the start of the month to the end, and I'll also be clearing up dead links to stories that have been deleted or moved. There's an anamzing amount of link rot on this site, which isn't too suprising when you consider how many links are on each page. So first up is August 2000, which is when I began the blog style of updating. For the full history, check out the history page.

Dance Dance Revolution MAX is coming to the US! Gaming-Age confirmed during E3 that Max will be heading over here from Japan in November. Unforutnatly it's only for the PS2, but now I definitly have a good reason to put down $200 for a PS2. And I can finally get Gran Turismo 3. And also Super Monkey Ball was announced for the Gameboy Advance. So many games, so little cash.

Caffinated Soap. Hmmmmm

And a toaster made out of toast. Wouldn't that get moldy after a while though?

I got a haircut today. Snip snip go the skissers.

May 23, 2002

Up up, down down, left right left right, B A, Start (If you get that, you r0x0r)

Contra is back! The awesome NES game was announced for the Gameboy Advance and looks smacktacular. Yet another game to go into bankruptcy for.

Behold the greatest keyboard known to mankind. It's the keyboard for Phantasy Star Online 2 which will be released in the fall for the Gamecube. As someone wrote upon viewing it: "That's the biggest freaking controller ever made...made for loving."

The $.99 mp3. Now on sale at websites near you. Such a bold step for recording companies to try and sell their very first unprotected music file. Too bad it's of an unknown person. But effort counts.

September 2000 has been funktafied.

May 24, 2002

E3 ended today. ::sniff::

But now for some more Major Media Company fun!

First up is a plan to outlaw analog-to-digital converters. Hollywood wants this because you can copyprotect a CD all you want, but then you can just set up a digital tape recorder right next to the speaker and, boom, you have a free digital copy. The side effects of something like this are enourmous though. It would turn digital scanners, samplers, thermometers, seismographs, camcorders, cameras, microscopes, telescopes, modems, radios, televisions, cellular phones, walkie-talkies, light-meters, etc etc etc into highly regulated devices since they all turn something analog into something digital (here's an explanation of analog and digital). If they really wanted to be technical about it, you may end up with a "cellphone that switches itself off when you get within range of the copyrighted music on your stereo".

Next is how several media companies have broke the law (and just like I'm about to) in their stories about how copy-protected CD's can be defeated with a marker. Thanks to the DMCA, it's illegal to tell how to defeat copy-right protection. Hence every news organization that wrote about the marker method broke the law. And as the 2600 case proved, even linking to news stories that talk about the marker method is illegal. So much for free speech.

You know, I wonder if this makes me a "bad boy" now. Girls dig stuff like that right? I mean I can say "Yeah...... I linked to the marker story" and girls will be all over me...... right? Right?!?!

In happier news, Mozilla 1.0 Release Canidate 3 was released today. Tabbed browsing and a built in pop-up killer are reason enough to download it.

And finally, October 2000 is now ready for consumption. I also finally got those Cornell pictures scanned in today (yeah, the ones I took back in October 2000 hehe) so here's the gorgeous Cornell campus.

May 25, 2002

The Greatest Picture Ever
Took place about 2 months ago, but finally got ahold of the picture and scanned it in last night. Special thanks to Ali and Kelly for making it all possible :)

Fun with Google. If they weren't located in Silicon Valley (which I've been to and I most defintetly do not want to live) Google would probably be my first pick to work at, well after NASA anyways.

The XMatrix screensaver for Linux is the coolest screensaver ever. And that is a fact.

Ummmm, yeah.......

November 2000: Attack of the Chads

May 26, 2002

I went ballroom dancing tonight with a friend of mine. And while I'm terrible at it, I did have a lot of fun. The two-step is about the only thing I do decently, I can sort of swing, and the waltz is just beyond my grasp at the moment. I did Samba (everytime a Samba song came on I kept thinking of Samba De Amigo. I'm hopeless aren't I? :) )pretty well though, but I've already forgotten how to do it. DDR did help me in being able to find the beat though, so who says videogames can't help you dance? Overall, I still prefer techno, though some swing songs are awfully fun to dance to.

My brother discovered this quote I said back in October of 2000: "I truly believe the PS2 will be the Saturn of this next generation." Heh, that turned out really well didn't it? :) I guess my future as a fortune teller just went down the drain.

Now you too can "0wn the Internet in your spare time". A worm that comprimises a couple thousand machines could do a whole lot of damage if it continued spreading. The Code Red worm (named after the soft drink that kept the coders awake while trying to figure out how the worm worked) set a precedent, and one that can only get worse. And someday it'll happen. (er well assuming I'm not dead wrong again like I mentioned up above)

Mp3 software page updated with a link to the spyware/adware free version of AudioGalaxy.

December 2000 is ready for lovin.

May 27, 2002

The Funniest Star Wars Video Ever. I laughed through the entire thing, and looped it again and laughed some more. It's Conan O'Brien's dog reporter guy visiting the lines of people waiting for Star Wars, and the results are hillarious. :) "So this is your breathing apperatus.... (speaking to a person dressed as Darth Vader), and so which one of these buttons calls your parents to pick you up?."

Why can't they make cellphones that sound good? They can make them with huge color screens and wireless internet access, but they can't seem to fix the super annoying ringtones to make them sound like real music instead of R2-D2 on crack. Is it really so hard to stick some Gameboy music chip in there? Or have a small mp3 player or something? Is it really so difficult?!?!

A couple of people wondered where I got the wallpaper in my Linux screenshots from. Well I finally found the place, and it no longer exists. Sorry!

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Circut City had $10 CD's on yesterday and today, so I stopped by there today with intentions of getting Weezer's Blue Album, and Blink 182's and Jimmy Eat World's latest albums. Unfortunatly Weezer was the only one they had, so I picked up U2's The Joshua Tree as well then. Of course talking with a friend of mine later I reliezed I totally forgot to look for Offspring or Stabbing Westward CD's. Argh! All well, I'm sure some other store will do $10 CD's again at some point. I hope. Maybe. Possibly. THEY BETTER!

May 29, 2002

Sleeping till 2:30 in the afternoon isn't as great as it seems.

The original auther of the Nancy Drew books died yesterday. I loved reading those books as a kid, they were some of my favorites. And speaking of books, I went to a used bookstore today and picked up Enders Game, Enders Shadow, and 2010. I'd read all 3 before, but they're really great books and well worth the purchase. I reread Enders Game today already (315 pages in 4 hours) and now am fixing to go on to Enders Shadow.

I really suck at eating popcorn.

January 2001 is now avaliable for reading. Operators are standing by.

May 30, 2002

A year ago today I graduated from high school. And I don't miss it one bit. Well actually I do a little bit, certain aspects of it anyways (like the easy days when you just watch a movie in class, and um, well, uhhh) and some of the people, but no, I don't miss it.

The 2002 World Cup starts tomorrow, meaning that for the next month there won't be as much work going on outside of America. I myself am not a very big fan of soccer, though I did play it when I was a kid. I may catch a game here or there though, and probably will watch the championship game. Here's to hoping the USA wins it all (yeah like that'll happen :)

thump thump goes the music. thump thump.

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