June 2002

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June 1, 2002

I saw The Sum of All Fears last night. At first I wondered if it was maybe about the internet being broken, but alas it was just nuclear war. It was a pretty good movie, but I still like Star Wars more (like you expected differently, yeah right :))

You know, Velma' s pretty cute in that nerdy kinda way. Too bad the movie looks horrible.

At last a solution to the world's power problems, Pichu Power

And finally a special "hey" out to Eversnow for linking to me and for the kind email. Fan mail is good :)

June 2, 2002

Soccer is pretty nifty.

If I link to my own website does that cause an endless recursive loop? Hmmmm. I suppose that's one way to increase my amount of hits each day.

All your February 2001 are belong to us. (Yes, that's when AYBABTU started)

Tomorrow is my birthday :)

June 3, 2002

19 years ago today the world was changed, for better or for worse. Anyways it's my birthday and now I've reached that two year plateu of "useless" birthdays where I just feel old. 15 is "cool", 16 is car, 17 is R movies, 18 is bars/clubs, but 19 (and 20) is just "there". Bah. I still maintain that 17 is the perfect age, well maybe if I could be 17 and in college. Now THAT would be awesome.

I also rented a very funny Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie: Pod People. If you have not been MSTified, you are missing out.

And I bought Jimmy Eat World's latest CD today, since my brother found a coupon for $2 off any CD. Not quite the $10 CD, but close enough. Well worth the money anyways.

June 5, 2002

Mozilla 1.0 has been released!!!! The open source browser thats' been 3+ years in the making has finally reached it's 1.0 release.

And that's all, I'm exhausted.

June 7, 2002

"Spinning tops of doom" Catchy isn't it?

Bejing needs to learn about sarcasm a little more. They mistakently thought an Onion article about congressmen wanting a new retractable dome or else they'd move to Memphis was true. So they printed a translation of the article in their newspaper and now people in Bejing think our capital will be moving. This is similiar to an email that used to go around about how Harry Potter turned kids to the devil. What the people who created the email didn't know was that the quotes that they got from an Onion article weren't actually real. Didn't stop it from being distributed as fact though. Which is just yet another reason never to believe anything in forwarded emails.

And speaking of the Onion, this guy takes his Star Wars cereal just a bit too seriously. Though I also think the R2D2 marshmellows are disappointing :(

Tomorrow will be a fun day for sports fans, with a crapload of events going on. You have the French Open finals, the Stanley Cup finals, World Cup games, a Triple Crown event, and Mike Tyson boxing once again. A sports fan's dream come true almost. I'll be watching the soccer at least, though I may catch a little of the tennis. And speaking of soccer, the USA's win on Wednesday was awesome! To think that they perfermed what some call the US soccer team's greatest upset ever to beat the #5 ranked team in the world is mind boggling. I'm lucky I had to get up early that day to go to work, so that I got to catch the last half of it. It really was a great game.

June 9, 2002

A HUGE thanks to my friend Heather for donating to me EVERY SINGLE ISSUE of Nintendo Power ever printed. Her grandma used to subscribe to the magazine, but decided that she was done with videogames and was going to throw them all away. Thankfully Heather thought I might want them, and now I have several huge stacks of Nintendo Power sitting on my desk. And a couple of players guides and Gamepro's as well. And all for free!! It's awesome to look back at all the old games on the NES and SNES and see what was said about them. It's an incredible archive to have.

Though I don't really like Star Trek (yes, shocking I know) if I had the money it would still be pretty cool to buy Captain Kirk's chair. Anyone happen to have $80,000 they're willing to donate for a good cause?

I also secured a summer job until school starts in late August. I'll be working for my dad's office to help out the staff there, which includes stuff like looking up quotes, copying stuff, filling out order sheets, and just whatever else is needed. It's an engineering office that sells valves, fluid and gas controllers, and other stuff like that to various manufacutring plants. Should keep me busy to say the least. The pay is good as well. Only downside is that I can't stay up till 4 in the morning anymore. I work from 8 am to 5 in the afternoon, 5 days a week, just like any regular office job. Hopefully when I graduate from college I can get some kind of work that I can plan my own hours, but until then 8-5 it is.

June 13, 2002

Rush hour traffic is suck.

Man this job is keeping me busy. I didn't even turn on the computer yesterday, which is the first time that's ever happened in about 5 years (seriously!). It also explains why I havent' updated in 4 days. I'm sorry if I caused anyone any mental anguish over not being able to read my INCREDIBLY FUNNY AND ENTERTAINING updates everday, but be strong faithful reader, be strong.

The US soccer game on Monday was the most watched program ever on ESPN2, and the most watched program ever between the hours of 1am-6am on a cable channel for 18-36 year old males. Guess all that excitement about the US having a huge upset made people curious. And speaking of sports, the 2002 US Open began today. Here's to hoping Tiger wins it all!

This kind of conductive clothing may make clothes shopping bearable. Or not. I hate shopping for clothes, well, unless their ThinkGeek clothes, cause they're cool AND online.

Are we alone? I want my own personal earth, it'd be cool. I wonder how much a planet costs.

Mozilla 1.1 Alpha is now out there for downloading. Can't be stoping at 1.0 now can we?

June 15, 2002

DDR MAX 2!!! Tampa became very lucky and a mall here not only got in Max 2, but also a 4th mix plus. AND it's only $.50 for 3 songs, by far the cheapest I've ever seen. The only semi-unfortunate thing is that it's way off in a corner of the mall, but you still got some nice crowds. I'll most definetly be going back.

In other "shocking" news, MSNBC reports that Americans don't know much about science. Gee, never could have guessed that. Does bring up the very good point that it makes you wonder how well people can participate in scientific debates without even a firm grasp of science. And also just following the basic scientific principles can help people objectively think for themselves. Maybe part of the problem is all the bad movie physics that that site points out. You can tell it was created by nerds, as who else would pay attention to the fact that having all those huge space ships in Independence Day would cause massive tides drowning millions. They don't have to shoot us with Blue Lasers O' Death (tm), but just get close to the earth!

It's going to be a fine night tonight. It's going to be a fine day tomorrow.

June 16, 2002

I hate it when I IM someone, and wonder why they don't reply. Then 5 minutes later it shows they've been idle for 10 minutes already. This happened to me 3 times yesterday! Away messages are your friend! Love them, and they will love you.

Why couldn't PE be this cool when I was in middle school? A school in California is using DDR in it's PE classes to promote kids to become active. The heck with dodgeball, give me some DDR!

Augmented Reality strikes again, this time helping you play pool. It lays a grid over the table showing you the best angles to hit a shot with, which is then shown in special glasses that you wear. I wonder if someday they couldn't do someting like this with contacts and have the information transmited wirelessly to them. Or heck, just connect it directly to the back of your eyes, though that'd raise the concern that you could never trully trust your eyes to see what is *really* there again. Think of like a computer virus that makes you blind. Hmmm, I think I like the contact idea more, since at least you could take out the contacts

June 17, 2002

Update: Here's the new temp address: for the new site. If all else fails, go there. There's nothing there at the moment as I have to upload it all first, but rest assured, it'll all be there eventually.

Well I'm gonna be switching hosters in the very near future. Hopefully everything will turn out alright and you'll never notice the switch, but if the site for some reason disappears for a while, I'm in "hoster limbo". This also means that if anyone sends me an email (which hmmm, almost NO ONE DOES!) then there's the chance I may not get it. You have been warned.

And now Audiogalaxy is no more. At least the old skool FTP search might be still up.

Circut City is dropping VHS from their floors to focus on DVD's exclusively. They've become the first major retailer to seriously scale back VHS sales. Other than the awful CSS crap they put on DVD's and the MPAA's squelching of free speech, I rather like the DVD format.

June 19, 2002

Welcome to my humble abode! The nice tempoary front page was great wasn't it? Anyways, for the .2 of yall who care, I just got done changing my webhoster to Hosting Matters. It's cheaper and has a whole lot more options and configurations than my old hoster. Now I can also add subdomains (linux.binaryfusion.net), PHP, and all kinds of other nifty little play things, not to mention some great website statistics.

Of course in the process of transfering stuff over, there will always be problems. Missing files, permissions trouble, just all kinds of things. So I'd REALLY appriciate it if you would email or drop a note telling me if you get any kind of error. Hopefully everything will completely back to normal before too long, and I can get back to more important things like not updating the mp3 list.

Two other bits of news. One is I've updated the history page to reflect the server move. This makes it the first time I've ever switched servers (which has happened 4 times now) and not done a redesign. Course as busy as I am now I wouldn't even have time for one, so perhaps that's why it didn't happen.

The other thing is that the Internet Archive Wayback Machine had a snapshot of my site in early August 2000, so I've been able to update the August 2000 archive a little bit more. Still working on all the other ones. There's an awful lot of link rot, but I'm also suprised at how many links still work.

June 20, 2002

My email is acting really really screwy. Half the "test" mail I send myself gets sent to my old email boxes on the old server, and half get sent to the new server. Chaos I tell you, pure chaos! Hopefully once the DNS propagation is complete for everyone everything will work just dandy.

It also POURED today on the way home from work. It was dry and semi sunny as I left, and then within about half a mile the skies opened up and the rain came gushing down. You had to go about 20-25 MPH just to be able to see, and even then visibility was maybe 50 feet where you could just see the car's tail lights in front of you. And of course it rains the entire way 30 minute journy home except for about the last mile, where it suddenly turns off and it turns out we got absolutly no rain at all at our house. I'd rank this with the 3rd worst storm I've ever driven in. First is when I had only had my learners permit about 2 weeks and had to drive to the hospital in pouring rain. And the second worst wasn't actually too bad, except for the fact that a bolt of lightening struck a transformer about 20 feet away from our car and knocked out all the street lights. Closest I've ever seen lightening and man was it loud.

The NPR has a new "deep-linking" policy (where you link to a specific page within a website instead of just the front page. I deep-link all the time on this site). If you want to link to their site, you have to fill out a form in order to "get permission" to do what the world wide web was designed to do: link pages together! Does human idiocracy have no end??!?! (Update: They changed their policy, so permission is no longer needed) It's almost like having laws copyrighted so that you can't view them without permission. Oh wait, that's happened too.

And finally one of the best community sites on the web is broke. However due to a tremendous outpouring it looks like Kuro5hin will be able to pull through. With my job now, I'll be donating to a few worthy causes. Sure content on the web is free for the most part, but it's well worth a donation to keep a great site going. Thank goodness this site isn't too popular so that I don't have to pay exhorbriant bandwidth costs. Such is the price of popularity.

Oh yeah, March 2001 is avaliable for consumption.

June 23, 2002

Well I had a very fun weekend (and why I haven't updated since Thursday). My dad had an engineering conference in Orlando, so our family took a little "mini" vacation. Friday night I went to Pleasure Island, Saturday saw Minority Report (good movie!) and went to the conference dance (you haven't lived till you've seen engineers dance), and then today went to XS Orlando to play some EZ2Dancer, Para Para Paradise, PercussionFreaks, and DDR 7th and 5th mixes. So I did an awful lot of dancing this weekend, but my feet have held up nicely so far (can't say so much for my knees though).

Are you a villian in search of a place to buy EVIL? Then look no further than VillianSupply.com for all your villianary needs. From mountain-side bases, to Polar Ice Cap De-Icers, to even Antimatter, it's the one-stop-shop for everything EVIL. Too bad it's all so freaking expensive, or else I could probably take over the ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!!111!!

June 24, 2002

Will the insanity ever end? The government filed a brief that called for "declared enemy combatants in the war on terrorism have no right to counsel and can be held indefinately". So the government decides you're a terrorist (for whatever reason based on any evidence they feel is sufficient) and now you can be locked up for as long as they want with no trial, no court case, no nothing. Sure I'm all for fighting terrorism, but it is a bit worrying when your government can throw you in jail on a whim without any chance of appeal or review.

In a slightly related note, if you by chance happen to be an evil overlord, this list of things to do should come up quite helpful. Also take a look at MissileBases.com for all your underground headquarter needs. And the really cool thing is that you can really actually buy those things. They'd make one heck of a tornado shelter.

Hooray for Pay Day!

Ann Landers died yesterday, which came as a shock to most people since it was from cancer. I disagreed with her quite a bit on some issues, and thought she was crazy on others, but she did have an interesting column.

June 26, 2002

Two words were declared to be unconstitutional in the Pledge of Alligence today. The 9th Circut Court found "under God" to be in violation of the 1st amendment which seperates church and state. The official brief is a very interesting read (and yet another reason why the Internet is so great. You can get your news straight from the source instead of filtered through the mass media) and basically the problem was that "under God" was specifically added in a 1954 law to show "the dedication of our Nation and our people to the Almighty". If that doesn't sound like an endorement of religion, I don't know what is. Unfortunatly 99% of the population thinks that the entire pledge is unconstitutional, when it's really just the 1954 addition. As for my opinion on the whole thing, it never particulary bothered me, but on the other hand I don't think that 1954 law should have been passed in the first place. And I do think that it endorses religion. If it doesn't, why not change it to "one nation under Bob the Rutabaga" and see how long THAT holds up. Course now is exactly the wrong time to be questioning something like this, with July 4th coming up and all that 9/11 patriotism still going strong. Kuro5hin also has another good analysis of the thing.

Kirby's Pinball Land is a great great game.

Someone really needs to invent some gum that never loses it's flavor. I'd pay good money for that.

June 30, 2002

Yeah yeah yeah, 4 days I know I know.

But I have a good excuse! With my job and then the PS2 falling $100 in price, I went out and bought a Playstation 2 on Wednesday. The main game I wanted (and the sole reason I bought the original Playstation) was once again Gran Turismo. Course since DDR Max is coming out for the PS2 in the fall, I'd have to pick one up anyways. I also bought Frequency , which is a really cool music game which I bought after trying out the demo since I was so impressed. The soundtrack is killer with all kinds of electronic artists like BT and Paul Oakenfold. And being that it's a DVD player as well, I picked up Wargames for only $10. Not only is it a classic computer movie, but it has Ally Sheedy dating the computer guy. What's not to like? :)

Anywhos, I've been playing the crap out of the PS2, and watching a ton of movies as well. And while I was at Best Buy buying the PS2, I also picked up Burnout for the Gamecube and Weezer's latest CD, which marks the first time I've paid full price for a CD in a very very long time. Needless to say Best Buy loves me. They were really insistant on trying to get me to buy a warrenty plan though for the PS2. But being that for almost all electronic devies, if it works the first time, it'll work realiably after that, I didn't cave into the pressure. Yep, I stayed cool and collected and those Best Buy salespersons aren't going to get to me! No siree!

I also saw A Beautiful Mind for the first time tonight (on DVD none-the-less) and I love this movie! Tortured genius movies rocks my socks. I like to think about what it'd be like to be on that level of brains, to see the world completely different than how other people see it, to see things that other people don't see. One scene in particular stands out, where he says he's trying to figure out an agorithem for how the ducks move. Mathematics and patterns in what appears to be chaos, which is sorta the plot of yet another great movie, Pi. What can I say, I love math.

I used to crawl around sewers a little bit as a kid as well. Nothing like the huge Las Vegas system though (in a now deleted article about a reporter exploring the sewers of Las Vegas). Las Vegas is a really cool city.

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