August 2000

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August 2, 2000

I went back-to-school shopping today. I made it in and out of the mall in less than one hour, a record for me. Of course, all I had to do was buy some shorts, but thank goodness I'm done with the mall. All the rest of my shopping I did online. I bought a Bash shirt and a Tux polo (in blue) from I also bought a Slashdot polo from And while I was "out" shopping, I also picked up this really cool tux poster and a Linux Inside sticker. I LOVE online shopping, and when I finally get my own credit card I plan to do almost all my shopping online. In the meantime I'm very fortunate to have parents who trust e-commerce and don't care if I buy online.

I'm also sorry to report that the mp3 list is NOT updated. I repeat, the mp3 list is NOT updated. I know millions of people are disappointed at the news, but you're just going to have to deal with it. I'll have it up tomorrow, I promise!

August 3, 2000

MP3 list is updated, just like I promised. See, I AM truthfull!

I have an ingrown tail nail. It hurts

The RIAA posted a good rebuttal to Napsters stay. It basically outlines how I feel about the whole Napster thing. I for one am on the side of the RIAA, I do think all Napster does is allow music piracy and that song copyrights should be portected. However I also think the RIAA should learn to embrace it and learn how to use Napster for their advantage.

August 4, 2000

Wow, what a speech George Bush gave last night! I'm Republican, and if I were old enough to vote (I'm only 17) I'd definitly be voting for Bush in the presidential election. I hope he wins. But alsoI hope that people vote. The political apathy in this country is horrendous. The TV ratings for the Republican National Convention were horrible, which just shows how few Americans care anymore. I personally can't wait to vote since I see voting as a great privilege and a right I should be thankful for.

In other news, my shirts from shipped, and should be at my house Monday. The copyleft stuff could be a while though.

August 5, 2000

I'm going to MGM today since our annual passes are about to run out. Rockin' Roller Coaster is awesome. Too bad the Fast Pass system Disney has set up is suck. Sure, it sounds nice on the website, but the way I see it, all it amounts to is cutting in line. It makes the regular line go by SO much slower, which really stinks if you like to ride rides twice in a row. I hate Fast Passes.

Fish is gross.

MP3 list. Updated. Look. Breaks 4 GB.

August 7, 2000

Sorry about missing last night's update (like anyone cared, HA!). I was just really tired from walking all day and went straight to bed.

Mass media sucks. Today on CBS's news program they were hyping up a story about a 10th planet while showing a diagram of our solar system. But when they finally got around to the news story, they talk about that new planet discovered a few days ago: 10 light years away from us!

School starts Wednesday. Oh joy.

August 8, 2000

My stuff from ThinkGeek came in yesterday. That tux poster is awesome.

One last day of freedom.

Tomorrow/tonight's update will come be in the afternoon from now on. I go to bed before midnight, so I can't start the day with a new update. So stayed tune for Wednesday's afternoon update where I tell all about what classes I have and how much my teachers stink. Riviting isn't it?

August 9, 2000

The first day of my senior year. Boy it stinks getting up at 6 AM.

Here's my schedule:
Period 1Contemperary History/Psychology I
Period 2AP Calculus BC
Period 3AP English Literature
Period 4AP US Government/AP Macroeconomics
Period 5AP Phyics B
Period 6AP Chemistry
The ones with slashes in them are courses only one semester long. The first one is the first semester, the second one the second semester. Notice one thing missing: Computer Science AP. Well, our "wonderful" school has decided to do away with AP Comp Sci and so it's no longer offered. However, I talked to the computer science teacher and he'll let me join his Computer Programming III student (along with a bunch of comptuer programming II students) during 6th period. So I'll basically be a teacher assisant that gets to code.

Also for you old guys, AP stands for Advanced Placement. What that basically does it give you college credit while in high school. By the time I get to college, I'll have about 30 hours of college credit already.

My stuff from CopyLeft came in today. That $1 sticker sure is small, but it looks really cool on my computer case.

August 10, 2000

I'm now officially in Computer Programming III. No more Chem for me!

Ah, the weekend is coming up.

August 11, 2000

Holy Moly, AP English is going to eat me alive. I already have 2 projects due next week for that course.

I need more sleep.

August 13, 2000

Yeah yeah yeah, no updates yesterday. I was busy, sleepy, and just plain lazy!

Well, yesterday marked the one year aniversary of me using Linux. I first installed way back on August 12, 1999. Linux has come a VERY long way from one I first tried it and it's future looks brighter everyday. If you haven't tried Linux yet, I highly encourage you to at least give it a shot. I can't imagine going without Linux now after using it a year.

I found a site complaining about Disney's Fast Pass. It talks about guests assulting the Disney cast members (aka workers) because they get fustrated by all the fast pass people cutting in front of them. Read the details at Mouse Planet.

August 14, 2000

I gave up on Amazon shipping my CD in a timely fashion, and so last night I ordered my Ayla CD from CDNow. Not only was it $6 cheaper, but they said they had it in stock so that I should hopefully get it Thursday.

My computer science teacher is a moron and not fit to be a teacher. But then again, without him there would be no CS class since there would be no one to teach it. Such is life.

The Democratic National Convention starts tonight. I'm Republican, but I plan on watching most of the convention to see where democrats stand on their issues and just to be better informed about their party. The Reform party fiasco was also interesting to read about.

August 21, 2000

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!! My Ayla CD came in today! This CD is so incredibly awesome. Ayla, aka DJ Tandu, is by far my favorite DJ and all his songs are great. I highly suggest you go download some of his songs; my favorite is Ayla Pt. II.

Tiger Woods won the PGA Championship yesterday, making him only the second person in history to win 3 majors in one year. He's also only the second person to ever defend the PGA title. Tiger rules!

August 22, 2000

IGN accounced what they believe to be the official name for Nintendo's next system: Nintendo Game Cube. Or if you want it shorter, N-Cube or maybe NC. Nintendo hasn't said anything official yet, and it'd be hillarious if IGN got it wrong. However come August 24th, everything about the N-Cube will become known and all will be good in the world.

I almost totally missed the X-Games this year. I hardly ever watch ESPN/ESPN2 and so I never caught when they were supposed to be airing. Anyway, I was just thinking mindlessly today and then I remembered that I hadn't watched the X-Games this year, and didn't even know when they were on. Well, turns out I missed about 2 days worth, but luckly I didn't miss them all.

The X-Games site is crappy in that it won't let Mozilla view any of the content because it's "not up-to-date".

August 23, 2000

Wow, Nintendo Cube and Gameboy Advance info is really starting to pour out. The official announcement comes out at 2 AM Eastern Time (aka 3 PM Japanese time) and at that time everything about the N-Cube and the GBA will be announced. Exciting huh!

A new release of Evolution was just released. Evolution is Helix Code's attempt to put an Outlook like mail program on Linux, and it looks like they've succeeded. You can download it using the helix-update in Helix Gnome. It's really nice, and I'm trying to see how stable it is before I start using it for all my mail. At the moment it's buggy, in beta, and it could erase all your mail on a whim. However I suggest you download it to see the future of mail on Linux.

August 24, 2000

Yipee! Nintendo announced just about everything about the Nintendo Gamecube and the Gameboy Advance last night. Find out more info than you ever cared to know at both Nintendo's site and at (links now defunct). The controler looks really neat, the console looks like the DC sorta, and the graphics are incredible. A must buy in my book. (Update: Here's what was announced at Spaceworld 2000

August 25, 2000

I'm going to Islands of Adventure tomorrow. It'll be my first time there, and I'm really excited about it. I've heard the Hulk is awesome, and that the Spiderman ride is unbelievable.

Spaceworld announcements continued today as they get started on the 2nd day of it this evening. This is like a dream to me, and I'm throughly enjoying these 5 days of news and info. (Update: More Spaceworld 2000 annoucements)

August 27, 2000

IOA is AWESOME! Definitly one of my favorite parks, and better than any one Disney Park (although I still rather take a vacation at Disney World over Universal "World"). The Hulk coaster is definitly in my top 10 favorite coasters, and Dueling Dragons is really good too, especially since it always has really short lines. And the Spiderman ride is just plain incredible. The theming is up on Disney level, and the park is nice and clean. If you're ever in the Orlando area, take a day and visit Islands of Adventure, you'll be glad you did.

I need to update my mp3 page. I've added about 500 MB of songs from the last update. Expect an updated page sometime this week.

August 28, 2000

There was an intersting link on Slashdot about how a company is now controlling how long you can legally read a book. The article also included this intersting paper by Richard Stallman about a future where stuff like this is commonplace.

And if that isn't enough idiocacy for one day, up comes someone who is trying to patent international e-commerce. How messed up is that? Our patent office must be smoking some kind of crack to allow something like that to become a patent. Of course, this is the same department that lets patent "One-Click" shopping and affilate programs (which is why I boycott whenever possible).

August 29, 2000

I finally figured out how to connect to an ftp server via a script (thank you !) and so I've added a semi-constantly updated screenshot to the screenshots page. I also added a screenshot of Galeon.

The mp3 list is also updated. 940 songs and counting. I still remember when 20 sounded high.

August 30, 2000

Mario Tennis is awesome.

It's getting closer and closer to when we'll finally be getting a second computer. It should hopefully be in the next or so, but that's what my dad said over 3 months ago, so who knows.... Once it's ordered I'll post full specs, and I guarentee it'll blow you away :-)

It's not a good thing to be both lazy and have to search and apply for colleges/scholarships. It's barely September but already I feel left behind because I haven't sent an application anywhere yet nor really looked for scholarships. Not that it really matters, as it's pretty much a sure thing I'll be going to UF for college.

August 31, 2000

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Linux was spontanously deleting things today because I ran out of disk space on my /home hard drive partition. So it was deleting my email as I read it, and deleting some other stuff I was reading. I was wondering what the heck was going on, and then I tried finding out how much disk space I had left, and then I reliezed I was totally out! I really wish there was some warning so that something like that wouldn't happen. Anyway, I cleared off some cache and other junk and now I have 254MB of space.

2000 -- September 2000