September 2000

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September 1, 2000

Amazon has done it again. They now consider your name/address/phone number as sellable assests. Yet another reason that I boycott them.

I'll be going to Disney World twice this weekend, since our tickets are about to expire. So don't expect an update tomorrow.

Programs page was updated with a perl script to announce how long your uptime is in IRC. Pointless yes, but nifty none-the-less.

September 4, 2000

Disney is creating a new attraction at Epcot called Mission: Space. It saw the construction work on it Saturday while riding the monorail, and I've read up a little on it online. Screamscape (search for "mission space") has some stuff on it, as does Very intersting. Screamscape also talks about the next generation of fast passes where Disney plans to let people buy their places in line. If you're a high enough resort guest member, you can get a fast pass that gets you on the ride immediatly. Like I've been saying, Fast Passes are evil!

Stephen King's The Stand is a good novel. I suggest you read it.

September 5, 2000

Dance Dance Revolution is quite possibly the best game ever made, and definitly the best arcade game ever made! I FINALLY got to play it yesterday at Islands of Adventure after waiting over a year trying to find one. I had always heard it was so much fun, and it sounded really fun, and low and behold, it's a lot of fun! I'm really bad at it right now, but I plan on playing it at least 4 times everytime I go to IOA, so I should get better eventually : ) And even though I do stink at it, I still had a ton of fun dancing yesterday. Plus I'm reading up on it and what the heck I'm supposed to be doing (plus watching videos of really good players dancing) and so maybe next time I won't do so bad. Anyways, if you have an arcade near you, and they have DDR, YOU MUST PLAY IT!!!!!!!

In other news, IOA has risen even higher in my opinion of it after riding the Dudley Do-Right log ride thing there. That has got to be the funnest water ride I've ever been on. It has 3 incredibly great drops, and you get really wet if you're in the front.

September 6, 2000 is at it again. This time they change prices on you depending on seemingly random variables like what ISP you use, or what browser you used. Will Amazon ever learn?

Dance Dance Revolution music is awesome.

September 7, 2000

It's sort of amazing how closely physics and calculus are intertwined. I'm thinking about maybe minoring in physics, and then working as a physics programmer in video games. Now that'd be a neat job...

I signed up today to give blood on Monday. I figure that if I ever need a transfusion I'll be grateful to all those people who gave blood for me, and so I'll help out those people who need it from me. Plus I don't mind being poked by needles, and it gets me out of class!

September 8, 2000

I'm off to Islands of Adventure again tomorrow, not only because it's a fun theme park but to spend a lot of money on Dance Dance Revolution! Anyways, dont' expect an update tomorrow.

We had a bomb threat at school today. Got me out of the first half of first period. I hope they caught the guy who called it in though, as they extended first period so that it cut into the time I had for my Calculus quiz.

I've gotta plug cause the guy who owns it sent me some email and the site is pretty darn cool in itself.

September 10, 2000

Now I'm even more hopelessly addicted to DDR!

I've updated the online radio page with my new favorite station, 95.3 Party out of Orlando, FL. I listen to them all the time when I go and visit Disney/IOA, and they are the best techno/trance station I've ever heard. Why can't Tampa have any good radio stations? Why oh why?

September 11, 2000

Holy moley, I just found the coolest site! The DeCSS Gallery. I just wonder if my linking to a page which has links to the DeCSS code is illegal..... Regardless, it has a ton of ways DeCSS has gotten out and been distributed, including a dramatic reading of the code, and with someone singing the code. It even has a JPEG file encoded with DeCSS. Will the MPAA ever learn it can't put the genie back in the bottle?

I donated blood today. It didn't hurt at all really, and I encourage everyone who reads this site to go out and donate yourself and help save some lives.

The West Wing won a whole bunch of Emmy's last night. It's so nice to see my favorite drama TV show do so well. Remember, it's on every Wednesday at 9 PM Eastern time.

September 14, 2000

Last night I went to "College Night" at a local highschool. It's basically where a bunch of colleges you never heard of, plus a couple you have, get together and give you propaganda brochures. I just mainly hung out around University of Florida and University of Central Florida since those where the only two schools that I'm interested in, in Florida. However in talking with them, I found out that my National Hispanic Merit Finalist status gets me all kinds of cool stuff. UF will give me $6,000 a year, and USF will give me $7,500; and this is on top of the free tuition I get because of some nifty state scholarships funded by the lottery. UCF didn't know what they'd give me. But it was sorta funny, cause as soon as I'd say I was a Hispanic Merit Finalist, the admission's people's eyes would light up and they'd try to act like your new best friend. The end result of all of this is that I can go to college in Florida totally free, and even possibly make a profit going to school.

Windows ME was released today (or was it yesterday?). Eitherway, MS's latest creation is now avaliable. I personally would take linux over Windows most anyday, but since Linux isn't for everyone yet, Windows will have to make due. I'll be getting WinME with my new computer that my dad is fixing to buy, then I'll use that disc to install it on out current computer (assuming that'll work and there isn't some piracy countermeasure).

September 15, 2000

Yahoo! My dad finally ordered our new computer last night. I've updated the computer specs page, but here's the low down on it:
AMD Athlon 1.1 Ghz
384 MB Virtual Channel SDRAM
GeForece2 GTS
18 GB Ultra 160 SCSI harddrive
22" monitor
We should be getting it in 30 days. I can't wait : )

The Olympics start today/yesterday. I'm dissapointed by NBC's all tape-delay coverage, but there isn't much I can do about it. Google has a neat Olympic graphic up too.

I plan to start applying to colleges this weekend. I know I'll get into most anywhere, but I just hate all the hassle. But I can't complain too much I guess.

September 17, 2000

Hurricane Gordon is beating a path right next to us in Tampa. Luckily it'll be about 100 miles to the west of Tampa when it's even with us, and it's only a weak hurricane. That, and we're high enough that we'll never get flooded so the only thing we have to worry about is the wind. I just hope it doesn't knock out the cable.

The Olympics are neat. NBC is terrible though with their all tape-delay coverage.

September 19, 2000

Well, I am now applied to the University of Florida.

MP3 list is updated once again.

September 21, 2000

And the drum beats on in Calculus. Almost everyone in the class absolutly hates the teacher, except for me. And on the test we took today, which even I don't think I did well on, everyone else probally failed. Of course, I'll take math over English anyday, with all those dang papers. Tonight I get to write a paper on one of Hamlet's soliloquies.

Papa Johns pizza is really really good. Yummy.

September 22, 2000


I went a Beatlemania thing at the Tampa Aquarium tonight. It was pretty cool. They had these guys dress up as the Beatles and sing all their old songs. Half was the good, old stuff, and the other half of the songs were the less-good newer stuff. They should have stuck to straight rock.

I'm visiting the University of Central Florida tomorrow. I'm going to be meeting with like 3 people from them who are just dying to get a piece of me. It should be interesting, even if I don't like the campus.

Song of the moment is now: DJ Mystic - Heart2Heart

September 23, 2000

Well, my trip to UCF was certaintly interesting. The campus is really nice looking, and looks brand new. It's also pretty compact, especially one compared to the super spread out UF campus. I talked to 4 different students, and their opinions on the school were informative. I still will probally go to UF though, because I feel it'll have a better academic program. But I'm still glad I went to UCF.

The DDR US Mix song list was finally announced. It's missing some GREAT songs, like Butterfly and Boom Boom Dollar, but overall it's pretty good. Plus this one is supposed to be in a whole lot more arcades than the imported ones, so hopefully more people will become hooked too.

And on the subject of DDR, a Gameworks is open, or is fixing to open (conflicting reports), and they'll definitly have DDR!!!!!! So now I only have to travel 20 minutes to play instead of an hour and a half. I can't check it out tonight, but hopefully by the end of next weekend, I'll have played it at Gameworks. I guess living in a big city has its advantages!

September 24, 2000

Unfortunatly the Tampa Bay Bucs football team lost today to the Jets. My dad got me tickets last night to the game through a church auction, so it was my very first professional football game. It was pretty cool, although it rained all through the first quarter, and I was soaked to the bone. And some of the fans there were just amazing, some Jets guy got kicked out of the stadium for starting some huge arguement with the Bucs fans around him. All in all, a worthwhile experiance to do once, but it wouldn't hurt my feelings if I didn't go back for the rest of the year.

I need to get more sleep.

September 26, 2000

I guess those AOL CDs might be good for something afterall. UltimateChoas is running a contest to find the most imaginative use for AOL CDs. I just wonder how many natural resources AOL uses to make those worthless CD's.

I got two books today to read by Oct 6th for English. Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut, and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. Hopefully they should be good.

September 27, 2000

I guess this proves what the record companies are really wanting. The Offspring were going to release their entire CD on the web for free, but their record company won't let them. Whatever happened to "protecting the artists rights"?

In more amazing news, MTV actually played music video's today! Yes, the Music Television station decided not to show crappy TV shows in primetime, and instead played some actual decent and popular music video's. Yes, I too was very very shocked, as this happens maybe once a year. MTV playing music video's: Who'd a thunk it?

September 28, 2000

Holy crapola, I just recieved the most amazing letter from Cornell. They're actually going to pay for my plane ticket to go up and visit their campus on some engineering weekend. So they're paying me to visit them! I never expected something like that to happen. I'm not sure if I should go or not though. I probally won't go to Cornell anyways, but still, it'd be a lot of fun I bet. Decisions decisions.....

Scotty D - Drop the Bomb is a pretty good and energetic song.

Gameworks had it's grand opening today in Ybor City (suburb of Tampa). I already mentioned below that it was already open, but today is the day it is "officially" opened. Now I can get my Dance Dance Revolution fix without traveling an hour and half to Islands of Adventure. I plan on stopping by there Saturday, so I'll let yall know how it is.

September 29, 2000 is trying to get a bill passed to allow people to listen to their CD's online if they prove they already own the CD. They are urging people to join the "Million Email March" where you email your federal represenatives and senators to tell them to support the bill. It's easy to do, just fill out a form and you got it done, or you can add your own words. I hope the bill succeeds, but I doubt it will due to the enormous political power organizations like the RIAA have.

In government we learned how exactly the electoral college works. I'm not impressed with it, and I think it should be modified to either choose electores by percentage of popular vote, or just go all out for a popular vote. But the current system is not all that great. And with that said, GO VOTE!

FYI: The derivitive of cos(x) is -sin(x).

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