September 2007

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September 2, 2007

I'm typing this as I'm on hold with Time Warner, waiting to get get tech support to try and get my internet connection working again. And wouldn't you know, just as I was in the middle of typing that last sentence, after like 30 minutes on hold, the guy finally picked up. And it turns out the problem was someone mistyped some numbers and turned off my internet account instead of someone else's. Come on TW, come on.

College football season started, and the defending National Champion Gators won as expected. Which can't be said for Michigan after becoming the first ranked team to ever lose to a Division I-AA opponent. Watching the Gator game though was a weird experience, as it was the first home game I watched on TV since I was in high school, and only the second home game I haven't gone to since I started college. To make up for the fact, I did watch it with the Lone Star Gator Club, because it truly is a Gator Nation. Actually besides the University of Texas and Texas A&M, I think I see more UF licence plate holders or window stickers than any other college.

Best Crepes Ever.

It's kind of sad that until this update, I had updates from October 16th 2006 on the main page. Which I generally keep only a handful of updates on the main page at any one time, but I've just made a handful of updates in the past year. The sheer fact that this website in it's current iteration has been going on for over 7 years is a bit surprising as well. I used to change designs every 3 months or so the first year and a half, starting with my first redesign 7 days after I first learned HTML. I'm really not that happy with it's current look or programming conventions anymore but I'm too lazy to actually update it to 2007 web standards and use some database and CSS work to make it more Web 2.0. That's right, other than some trickery for to make the hyperlinks look the way they do, there's no CSS at all. Font tag forever, I'm that old skool. So I'm just going to go retro early and stay in the late 90's web design (minus the flashing graphics and frames).

And speaking of keeping it old school, I logged into IRC for the first time in over 4 years today. Now that was a trip down memory lane.

September 11, 2007

Slate's Guide to Facebook Etiquette. Because what better way to find out how to behave properly on the internet, then looking it up on the internet?

So this past weekend I stopped being in the 2% of American households that do not have ice cream in their freezer, and became part of the 98% that do. I love ice cream and all, but it was just one of those things that I felt it was better not to have around easy to eat, as then I would be tempted to eat it. If I don't have it in the house, I can't eat it. This philospohy carries over to other stuff in my kitchen, like my complete lack of chips, cookies, frozen pizza, or really any sort of junk food. Not to say I don't eat that stuff when I eat out or at other people's places, but I know I'd eat way more crappy stuff if I had it at home too.

I was reading through the Chronicle tonight, and noticed an ad that Al Gore is coming to speak at the University of Texas in their basketball arena, and that tickets were on sale that Saturday. And I thought, "Tickets?" It turns out UT charges people, even their students, to see famous people like Al Gore, with an lower level ticket costing $50 and even a nosebleed seat is $30. It makes me appriciate getting to see all the people I did at UF, completely for free. And free for the public too. I like Mr. Gore and all, but I'm not going to pay $50 to see him talk.

This is just all kinds of awesome. To quote: "We don't have dumbbells here. We don't have weights. We have dancing". I can just see a musical being made out of this, with the prisoner discovering his hidden talent as a dancer and then trying to make it big on Broadway after he gets out of jail. I'd see it.

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