November 2016

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November 25, 2016

The Trumpocalypse happened, and the sexually assaulting narcissistic fool is going to be our next president. America is so f**ked.

This is why I couldn't sleep on election night. If you've ever wondered how someone could get into an abusive relationship, well America just elected to get ourselves into a 4 year long one because he just seems like a great guy even if what he's doing and said has red flags all over it.

However since the only consistent policy Trump has is whatever enriches Trump, the one saving grace will that he'll likely get impeached for gross corruption before the 4 years is done. We'll see what happens though. It astounds me that someone who's was fined for IRS fraud in order to get the Florida AG to not sue Trump University, using his "charity" foundation for personal gain, and is paying $25 million after admitting to creating a fake university to scam people (and with a VP who is refusing to turn over emails) was somehow seen as less corrupt than someone who's never been convicted or implicated in anything.

If you want some escapism, go see Arrival and Moonlight. They're both really good!

October 2016 -- 2016 -- December 2016