January 2011

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January 9, 2011

It's been a while, but now that we're in 2011, I figure I'll give the ol' website a whirl.

Christmas was at my Grandma's house this year, so we drove up to the Panhandle to see all the flat land. We also spent some days in Amarillo, so I could show Kara where I grew up and some of the more famous touristy attractions. I even took her to play some golf at my very first golf course, a flat tree-less par 3 course, where we rented some clubs and I actually played halfway decent. Not too bad for not swinging a club in almost a year.

Speaking of the Big Texan, the record holder for eating their 72-oz steak dinner is Joey Chestnut, who did it in 8 minutes and 52 seconds. You do get to cut it up beforehand, but that's a lot of food in under 10 minutes.

I also got Kara a Kindle for Christmas, and it's amazing! I love being able to download books on the fly, and when we travel we can even get US newspapers on the thing. It saves her a ton of weight too when traveling because she doesn't have to cram a bunch of books in her suitcase, which is the reason I got it for her in the first place. I highly recommend picking one up, even if you don't read all that much, because it's definitely the way of the future.

December 2010 -- 2011 -- February 2011